Tuesday, January 11, 2011


HOW FUN HAS THIS BEEN???????????  I can't even begin to explain it .. I have been missing my create groove for so long now .. and I dare say .. IT'S BACK BABY!  WOOT WOOT!

Before I post the pics, I just wanted to say thanks to my new blog readers that were referred here thru Art Journal everyday ... I am so excited to not just share my work but to see others work and be completely inspired!  I hope you like my next couple of pages! :)

So excuse the pics ... new camera that I haven't figured out settings on and crappy lighting ..!  LOL

So remember that insane rub-on page that I posted in my first Art journal post .. here is a pic if you don't know what I am talking about!
Well I turned into an art page about reading .... I am a HUGE READER .. I often have 4-5 books on a go at the same time, all scattered around my house .. so I am never without .. yah it's crazy .. you can think it!  LOL  To me, getting lost in a fabulously written story is right up there with dark chocolate, red wine, hot bath and great sex!  YES SERIOUSLY ... it's that much of a passion of mine!  So I gesso'd  just the center ... used all kinds of thickers and stickers, and here is what I was left with!

My next page is very warm and vintagey .... I love to collage .. and will try to collage anything and everything.  Thru swaps, purchases and great gifts I have a massive collection of vintage like ephemera.  So I started this page with just a warm quick coat of paint, slapped on some papers, more paint, more papers, some ephemera .. and after some time this is what I was left with!  There is no real significance to this page as far as a subject, I literally let each element happen where it may!  I had no design concept, just a paint brush and a desire! WINK!  LOL

I did start a third ... I was oogling over some watercolour crayons I had, and felt the urge to just doodle!  So I DID!  LOL  This was made with a black sharpie, and the crayons .. I mixed some colours together, left some alone .. and then went over and blended them with a brush!  I have no idea what i am gonna do with it .. but it's there when/if the urge comes over me to add to it!
 So that is where I am on my journal ... not bad for ten minutes a day huh?  BAHAHA, just kidding .. I did put in a lot more than 10 minutes a day .. but I know myself too and know that there will be days where I won't feel like doing anything creative .. likely cuz I am reading my book, in the hot bath, eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine  and wondering when my hubby is gonna get our girls to bed, so that he can get to ours ... WINK!

Thanks for popping in .. MMWWWWAAAAA!


Kataroo said...

As Sharon would say...HOLY SHIT BALLS!

This is amazing...my fav page by far and I mean FAV!!! is the text page...ITS INSANE!

Loveing the warm tones in the vntage one.

and I am all over the color in the 3rd..show it to your brother and see if he asks you if you dropped acid? remember when he said that about my page LOL....I love this one its like art from an art gallery!

phrogmom said...

awesome work girl! it is so nice to see some more pages!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Balls!!!
Love the collage pages - must try something like that myself! I've been playing too! Love my art journal...ok, more art than journal, but love it! Someday I'm going to have to get a blog...

Love what you are doing Rach!


Mellisa said...

That's so awesome. Good for you. I'm still in the development stages of making the actual journal but can't wait to dive in. It's all water colour paper so this could be interesting .... Especially after I me some food watercolour crayons.

Diva Loca said...

holy shizzzzzz rach - this is AMAZING!

so so SO love the first one - it's "messy" and dirty and yet it has a very clean line to it in a weird way - you know i love my clean lines!!!!

and the third - so freaking cool!!!

KEEP ROCKIN' THIS OUT GIRL - you have found your niche!

Shirley said...

Love your journal pages!! So inspirational for me!! TFS!

milkcan said...

I'm so delighted that the creative muse is back! Love that last page with so much COLOR! And I'm delighted that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Love your aj pages. I used to do those doodle colored in pages all the time when I was a kid! I am inspired to do it again thanks to you!