Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Journal - POST 1

Hi there!  WELL .. I ACTUALLY DID IT!  I didn't just talk about it, or didn't just add it to a list .. I DID IT!  I officially started me 1st ever ART JOURNAL!  Why in heavens name did I wait .. I literally have so many ideas flowing now that i have had to write them down!  I FEEL SO FREE and love that I have no idea what the start of a page will end up like!  All I know is that I am PUMPED to CREATE!  LOL

So Julie posted a whole wack of examples on the different approaches people take to an art journal.  I didn't focus in on too much truthfully, and will keep her prompts in mind when creating, but I just want to be left open and free to do what I want!  I decided I was going to create some backgrounds, so that those 10 mins creativity can be put to good use on the days that time is a factor!

So before I post the pages, I thought I'd share what kind of book I am using!  I don't have a clue if this is a good one or not (again .. learning curve) but I opted for a mixed media book.  I got it at Michaels for maybe $15.  Anyways .. will give this a try and then through trial and error will see if it works!  Please feel free to post any other types that are out there too!

Here is the cover

So a couple of months ago I started a basic background at Katies!  It was a mixture of water colour paints and other paints that I can't remember!  What I did learn though, with this type of book, I need to lightly prime my paper with gesso.  Other wise the paper can get very soft ... very quick!  Water colour paper is likely the most ideal, but again .. I have no clue what I am making .. so the mixed media seemed to be a better choice!  WINK

Katie suggested I take the stick of the paint brush and do some swirly lines .. so I did!  I LOVE IT!  I am seeing this as an underwater funky fish page!  LOL  I had to snap the next pic too, as i am loving that my spirals are getting gummed up now too ... I bet that'll look so cool at the end .. will have to keep a close eye that I can actually turn my pages though!  LOL

I started a collage background with all kinds of paper scraps that I have had lying around!  I used some funky edged scissors to cut them and used a matte gel medium to adhere them to the page!  I glued on the book and the scrap paper and over the paper.  These babies aren't moving!  LOL 

I love that none of these papers really match each other but when they come together it just works!  LOL  Here is a close up!

Now on to my fave so far!  So I was going thru some stash stuff and I have a ridiculous amount of rub-ons .. which I rarely use.  ALPHA RUB ONS .. oh why did I indulge in so many?  In 2004-2006 it was all rave .... and guess what???  RUB ONS DON'T LAST FOREVER!  LMAO  No worries .. I found a solution for the crazy ................  TAAADAAAAAA!

I have everything from Making Memories, L'il Davis, KI, Doodlebug, Foofala, MME and Mustard Moon .. and likely a few more!  They rub-ons were CACA .. meaning they were sticking to the the packaging, ripping when they were placed .. so screw it .. oh the page you go the way you want to go!  I am thinking of a lil gesso wash in the center with some quotes or books .. OR OR ..... I'll figure it out!  LOL

SO there you have it .. off to a good start I think!  I am loving this .... and I am loving that my girl Katie sends me e-mails and posts to keep blogging!  Thanks for reading sweetie and encouraging me to share!  I forgot how much I have loved this world!



Rosa said...

Awesome! I am lovin' it too!

Kataroo said...

yahoooooooo :) doing the happy dance. I especially LOVE the rub on page...its WILD!

M said...

So gorgeous! I know nothing about scrapbooking Rach, your work is beautiful! Cross-sitch is like a recipe, "do this in this spot", I don't have to "create" anything! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Well I am loving what you have done. I actually have bought a couple of donna Downeys journals and one similar to yours. So excited to be doing this too. I've created afew backgrounds and one flower and bird page. grab some india ink in a variety of colors for your journaling ...fun! Keep me posted!
Bonnie b

Heidi said...

Well, the hoarder in me is freaking out over the use of those rub-ons LOL.. but I must say, it looks very cool.... Might be a good base for a layout (and I have tons of those alpha rub-ons too LOL)

milkcan said...

Gorgeous stuff! Love the rub-on page! Amazing!

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love these pages!!! And now I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to use the gazillion rub-ons that are sitting dormant on my clip-it-up. I found your blog through AJED, and love it!