Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today I Remember You!

I am sorry I didn't post on 11 Nov, truthfully, I didn't want to have anything to do with my computer. Instead just reflect and attend the parade. I didn't want to to leave this out of my blog either as it is a day that cuts deep for me.

As I was watching the vets march down the street, and the numbers are dwindling each and every year, I also noticed the young too. We are in a world that no longer has to just recognize the old WW1 and WW2 vets, but the vets that are our own age. Ones that have lost their lives, ones that have lost their limbs, but I dare you to find one that has lost their spirit. Even if they are gone, you can feel their spirits present 11 Nov. You see their spirits live through their children's faces, or hear their spirit thru their loved ones speech. Regardless, they will never be forgotten!

I kindly remind EVERYONE, to take a moment and stop and think. If you decide to vote or better yet not vote... you have that choice because of them. Most of our actions in today's society is a direct reflection in the past! You may never agree with certain rules, regulations, and politics... but you also are able to reserve that RIGHT to disagree, because of our vets!

Have a great day everyone, sorry so heavy, but if there is a time of year to be heavy, those that know me. know this is it!

Laurie here is that video we discussed on e-mail... ENJOY!




Mellisa said...

We played this video at our assembly It was very touching and goose-bumpish. Not sure if you have heard it.

HUGS to you, my friend ... and THANK YOU!

barb said...

Rachel, your post is so moving... thank you for saying what needed to be said, and thank you for doing what you do... and doing it so well and with such class. You are an amazing woman. :)

Kataroo said...

thank-you :)

Anonymous said...

thankyou Rachel, you are one amazine woman. Thankyou for your heartfelt words. And the video, need I say more, tears are flowing.

Huge Hugs
ps. the service on tv was so good