Sunday, November 16, 2008

7 Weird things about Me - Tagged by Wilna!

Reading Katie's blog I see that Wilna had placed a tag to all on her own blog. daring us to post 7 weird things about ourselves... so here are mine! LOL

1 - I think Super Mario brothers is the bestest video game in the world, and will fight my kids for the gameboy when I want to play! I also am very good at completing the entire game! LOL

2 - I often bite on things to see what the sensation would be on my teeth..

3 - I'm super messy at home and when crafting, but when it comes to my work I am anal about how clean and sterile I have to be!

4 - I am a walking oxymoron. I work in the army as a medic, am tomboyish thru and thru, hate doing my hair, hate shopping, hate most girlie things, but when it comes to my scrapping, I am all about the bows, pink and bling! LOL

5 - I love popping zits and peeling sunburned backs. I love draining abcesses at work.. I know gross huh? LOL

6 - When I am barfy sick, I still call out for my mom!

7 - My fave comfort food is cream of mushroom soup with a peanut butter and jam sandwich! LOL




Kataroo said...

your weird LOL

Wilna said...

This is so sweet! even if it's a little weird LOL!! Not too much though... we all have some stuff that makes us well, just "us"

barb said...

Rach, you ARE weird... totally so. Especially with the biting thing, but hey, I admire you for being brave enough to post all this weird stuff. Not sure if I can do this one. :P