Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to post!

Hey ya readers! Sorry for the blogging hiatus but I have just returned to the land of the living. I caught a nasty flu bug that knocked me on my ass for about a week.. horrible really.. full blown gastro symptoms with a horrible cough, sneezes, headache, severe body aches and fever! UUUHHHH! Anyways, I am not 100%, but definantely on the rebound!

So what's new??? Let's see!

I did my annual physical fitness test! 13km with my rucksack loaded with 50 pounds, helmet, flack vest... you name it. I tell ya it was hard. I had to hump me arse some hard, and I almost quit. Thanks to my big bad boss Jo for kicking my butt, and yelling at me to move it...LOL Definantely motivating...LOL John was waiting for me at the finish line with smiles and hugs, and I admit I started to tear up! After the year I have had with all my pain, my surgery, the stress... it was such a huge milestone for me. I had to dig down real deep for the strength and it's kinda cool to know that I still have it in me if needed! I sometimes don't give myself enough credit!

Anyways this means that I am gonna be promoted to the next rank.. FINALLY! LOL

I have been cleaning! MOM pick your tongue off the floor! LMAO. I scrubbed my bathroom yesturday and got in all the nooks and crannies with a toothbrush! I can't stop going into that room now.. BAHAHAHAHA! Trying to get the house in shape for Xmas decorating...!

So we are also almost done our Xmas shopping! I am so impressed that we actually have our shit together this year! LOL All out of towners are done... and we have my side of the family done, pretty much it's just the kids left! All we have to do is wrap.. which I think this year John and i will do together over some vino! OH maybe over some caramel apple martinis! :) :) :) :)!

There is a new love in town! SORRY GEORGE O'MALLEY, I'll always love you, but my heart is pitter pattering over someone new!


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan!

I mean seriously.. is that some hotness or what?? LOL

So to lick my wounds this week, I saw the movie Twilight (yes I have read the first two books and I am now reading the third, and this has to be one of the best series I have ever read! I was a little apprehensive since it was suppose to be a teeny kind of series, even though the author Stephenie Meyer says it was originally meant for 20-30 ladies! Regardless I can see how it would be appealing for all ages! While the vamp books I have been reading lately have been pretty naughty, I love the intense love story of Edward and Bella. It's clean, and passionate, sexy, and pulse pounding.

I was chatting with Katie yesturday and I was laughing and kinda proud that I still have the ability to be thrown back into my teen years, where crushes felt like love, the butterflies in the tummy, the blushing and giggles. Being a grown woman with a family, and married, let's face it things can kinda feel routined.. although I wouldn't change that for anything, yes even Edward.. lol, I love the rush I feel reading this story and watching the movie. I look forward to going to bed to read my book... and other stuff! John likes it too.. WINK..LMAO

K nuff of that.. I am about to combust!

So I am dying to scrap. I have had such a huge creative block, and no time. I hate it. The kits pile up, the stash gets larger,, but nothing! I think maybe Xmas holidays will break that. I just need to come up for air.. things have been real hairy as of late!

So I am also ready to sell (actually just give her to Aunt my almost 6 year old child. I tell ya everyday seems like a new fight. Is this really suppose to start this early?? LOL I was okay knowing it happens in the teen years but I tell ya.. snooty rooty! I have found myself deep breathing atleast 5 times a day.. if not more! PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE.. my new mantra!

So today is their classes and then the Santa parade in Orleans with Granny and Papa, and their cousin! they are pretty stoked!

So there you have it. I am now gonna do some internet reading, maybe tomorrow will have something to share!




Michelle said...

Hey Rach! Congrats on your promotion-you definitely deserve it!
Enjoy the parade.

Michelle said...

Oh, and how much do you want for your kid?

Lucy Chesna said...

congrats on your promotion and hugs for a speedy recovery from that nasty cold. Love ya chica

You have been tagged :) so check out my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey , I popped over for a visit since You have been missing on bad Girls. Now I see you have been sick. So Sorry! Hope you are feeling better every day.

Bonnie b

Stay funny said...

Congrats on the promotion.... and WELCOME back... missing you !!!

Mellisa said...

Ya you on your promotion. SO exciting.

And, btw .... back off, sistah. You can have your George .... the vampire is MINE!!

barb said...

wow, congrats on your promotion, girl! yay for you... you deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

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