Saturday, November 8, 2008


Good morning bloggers! I have decided it's time for another internet findings.. and a brief post on the happening of the doodles...

Big news this week... some of you are already privy to this, but I was selected to go to Germany for three months to work at the Canadian contiguent hospital, taking care of our injured troops from Afganistan. I have been wanting this for 4 years now and after hard work finally just maybe going.. I say may as we are waiting for funding, which shouldn't be too much trouble. OMG that is living in Germany for 3 whole months.. John has family in Holland, and with some of my Bad Girls being in Europe, I am so gonna travel and see bits of the world... LOL CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Also, I think John is gonna fly in for a week at the end of my tasking so we can travel a bit together too! I am gonna kiss my hunky hubby under the Eifle Tower... I am sad I'll be away from my babies again, but we did 6 months a year and a half ago, so this will seem like a cake walk. That and as they are older now... they have friends, extra curicular activities etc, to keep their little minds going. I asked John what he thought about me going away again, and he pretty much told me he'd kick my ASS, if I passed on this. WHAT A SUPPORTIVE MAN HUH?? LOL So cross your fingers all goes well with the funding ladies.. this is a unique opportunity.

OKay enough of me babbling, let's get down to

We have big news in the SQUIRES house (that'd be my YAYA Kayleigh her precious DD is POTTY TRAINING, and had a very successful day yesturday. I am sure most can appreciate the serious milestone this is... not only is it growing into a big girl.. let's be honest.. NO MORE DIAPERS... LOL CONGRATS BABY BIG GIRL... YOU'RE AUNTIE IS SO PROUD OF YOU!

While I am chatting about Katie, SERIOUSLY I am calling her an official BIOTCH IN PUBLIC! Have you seen her latest and greatest scrapping... that girl is on serious fire and she won't share her mojo.. BITCH BITCH BITCH! LMAO WHO LUVS YA BABY! Here are some samples of her recent work!

GASP.. have you seen the latest creation that Steph made??? OKAY SERIOUSLY.. her best mini ever.. and I signed up the minute the newsletter from the SCRAPBOX came out.. I am extremely PUMPED for this one Steph!

On a side note.. Steph also became a "ZIA: recently. Her sister had a baby, and Steph became an Auntie... Congrats to your family Steph!

Mellisa has been officially threatened.. if she ever dresses like this again.. she is getting her ARSE kicked! LOL Great costume girlfriend.. I can only imagine what your students thought...LOL

Here is an awesome new way to eat those green beans!

I came across this awesome tutorial about how to make folding trees. I think these are way to cool! Here is the tutorial one and here is tutorial two!

Take a look over at SCRAPSCENE. They are having tons of tutorials on Xmas card making. Tis the time if you like to make them!

Ali Edwards has an instant downloadable class on BPS. It's a family spinner class. Check it out here!

So on my end of things.. I have a bunch of pics that I wanted to share with everyone... some are from Halloween! Most are curtosy of my sitter Henny, and other from my brother Mike!

Angelina's first day of school!

My gorgeous ladies!

I LOVE this pic!

The girls going to school in costume!

Angel Alexa!

Sgt Angelina Tops!


HALLOWEEN Night at my brother's
My girls!

My brother and Kari, John and I and all our kids!

Mike and Kari!

My handsome nephew Noah the firefighter!

If you LOVE german dresden foils.. here is an awesome site to make some purchases. I can vouch for the awesome service here!

Well that is about it for now.. gonna get some lunch made, grab a shower and get ready for my YAYA night at Tanya's!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.. mine is super long, as I took Monday off... Tuesday is Remembrance Day, and I have Wed off. Time to get caught on some scrapping stuff... here's hoping I get some stuff done..LOL



Stay funny said...

Happy Saturday to you too and welcome back to the blogging world... miss ya!
Thanks for the commnts on my mini and yes... it's my fav too!!!! See you laters at Tanya's!
Hugs Sxx
1:30 now, food ready, need to stop at the groceries and get the rest...
25 minutes organizing my room, jump in shower... vroom to the store... and pit stop at the store. oufff... why this public TO DO list... no clue! ha ha!

barb said...

Wow wow wow! Look at all this wonderful stuff in one post!

1. Congrats on being chosen to go to Germany! I'll keep my fingers crossed that funding comes through for you. :)

2. Katie Katie Katie! How talented is she?! Wow! And woooohooo for little Kayleigh on the toilet training front! Fingers crossed for success there too.

3. Stephanie's stuff is so fricken awesome! Love that girl!

4. Melly, omg, that's soooooooo funny! What a gal!

5. Your photos of your family... how did your girlies grow up so fast?! *gasp*

6. And Noah, how cute is he? I've been meaning to ask how he's doing. I hope all is well on the health front.

P.S. One last thing... could you do me a favour and give that mom of yours a HUGE hug from me? I haven't seen her in ages, and I miss her like crazy.

xo Barb

brn2scrp said...

Congrats on your great news! How exciting! LOVE your girls' halloween costumes. They obviously BOTH wanted to dress up like mommy right? Lol...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rachel on this great news!! You will get the funding and you will get to go!! You so deserve this girl!!!
Glad you came back to the blogging world cause I have been checking on you every day!! LOL!!
Your pics are fabulous. I bet you can't wait to scrap them eh!!!
Thanks for sharing all the news on your yaya's. It's nice to know what they are up to as well!!


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Love it when you share all your fave stuff in your posts like that!

Congratulations on being able to go to Germany like that! All that hard work is paying off. I hope that you have lots of time to visit and take in all the beauty of Europe while you are there. :)

Oh, and I can't believe how much your girls have grown!!! Wow!

Take care and I hope to get to see you soon. :)

Kataroo said...

wow when you do get around to posting you go BIG :) LOL Congrats big time on Germany, I am so proud of you. Thanks for the props too :)

Ki said...

Holy moly this is quite the update! Love all the pics and sharing all those lovely creations! Congrats on the Germany assignment - that's major exciting!