Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ever see something that KNOCKS UR SOCKS OFF

Ok I admit it!! I am a "So You Think You Can Dance fan"


So I was watching last weeks show last night and this dance made me tear up! AND IT WAS HIP HOP! I love the way dance can make me feel and in this show the contemporary pieces are always so creative and emotional... SEE.. well NO you can't see, so take my word for it... I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS just writing this! So here is the dance that I am going on and on.. and this couple are my FAVE!!!!




Mellisa said...

Holy WOW, Batman. I am totally on your goosebump vibe. That was so amazing, I had to watch it twice. I love the show but havent been around to watch it. Thanks for the You Tube link. I am definiately missing lots of talent this year.

Mellisa said...

Okay - I think I have watched it 10x now (seriously!!!) and I am still getting goosebumps. WOWZA.

Stay funny said...

the show is amazing!!!!
Love it, last night i tape it so i'm not sure whats going on... and tonight is elimination, and I will tape it to see it after.

Mellisa said...

Yup! Still love it!!

YOU NEED TO UPDATE!! I watch it every time I look to see if you have updated. ACK!!!