Saturday, July 5, 2008

Internet Findings

Good Morning,

Well.. I have been doing much better... healing quite nicely! The incision is starting to scab over, and is looking really healthy! I still have no lower abdominal muscels to use right now and I get the constant reminder everytime I turn over in bed, get off a chair... just about everything...LOL I am told with time this will be resolved. I also have absolutely NO FEELING just above the incision line. The Doc said it may or may not come back! It's so weird...

The only major hinderance right now is this friggin cold I have managed to catch... hard to have a cold after a hysterectomy... especially when you have to cough...LOL Thank gawd for the body pillow! HEEHEE

I wanted to give a quick shout out to some awesome friends and family who have really gone out their way to make me comfie and happy while I heal. My parents, for taking my family in for almost 2 weeks, Jeni AKA Pep who sent me a gift certificate, and Elizabeth (Lizzie) for the parcel, Suzane for the blanket, Sandy for the reading material and other yummies. Barb for the awesome little stuffed animal and card. My YAYA's for checking in, Naughty Nic (who called me from New York) the love I have gotten from all my girls over at Bad Girls. Please if I have left anyone out it is NOT with intent. I am only on my first cuppa and groggy from cold meds....LOL

Anyways... for now.. here is what has intrigued me during my internet surf this morning!

HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY Bad Girls! I am so HAPPY I found this site. Not only has it enabled me to be the most creative scrapper I can be... but the ladies there are AMAZING! Come join us for their celebration the entire month of July! As a peak however, here is what is on it's way to me soon!

Main Kit for July!

2 Add-Ons!


I love these cartoon recipes..LOL This looks very yummy!

OMG..this is too cute! A crochet USB cover...LOVE IT! You can find the directions here!

KI Memories has just released their new Bloom Collection. I just got some and am anxious to use it! I love the bright, fun feel to this line! Check it out on their blog!

I just got the new Basic Grey Euphoria. I love the bright colours and have a few ideas brewing of how I am going to use them!

Button necklaces??? What will they think of! I can so see Katie making this..LMAO Maybe I'll have to come over and make on with ya girlie..LOL Here is the link!

This one is for Mellisa...LOL Some of my fave dances this year on "So you think you can dance"!

Katee and Joshua

Mark and Chelsea

Kherington and Twitch

Will and Jessica

Are ya seeing a a pattern here.. guess I LOVE hip hop and contemporary pieces...LOL Enjoy!

Sadly I haven't been scrapping lately. It's been a good 3 week dry spell that I am ready to break! My girlfriend Anna-Lisa who came out to help out with my family and my healing (she's also a is heading home today! I imagine that'll give me more time for scrapping as I won't feel rude leaving company to fend for themselves so that I can scrap...LOL Yes.. I do have SOME manners....LMAO!

Well that is about all for today! Here's hoping my next post has some yummy creations in it!

Have an awesome weekend!



Stay funny said...

Oh I so love your weekly recaps... and I was missing them! It's incredidable what you find....and share with all of us! Love the movies... You picked all my favorites ones! Have a great week, love ya and enjoy your scrapping if you do take some time for you to scrap.

Lucy Chesna said...

Have a great week chica and I hope you heal fast...hugs and prayers for you

Barb said...

Hey, I'm glad that bear made it to your place, safe and sound. It was actually a freebie I got from the conference I went to in Boston. lol. But it seemed perfect for you... and when you're all better, you can pass it along to one of your girlies. :)

And I'm with Steph... I've been missing your weekly recaps. Glad you're feeling better and sounding like your old self more and more. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly and that you're back to your old scrappy self again really soon.

Anonymous said...

Another dance fan ! I love this show girl ! Thanks for all the goodies you shared :) Love love love that birthday cupcake plate and im glad you are healing nicely . Hope you have a great week :)


Marlene said...

Glad you are feeling better Rach. After three C-sections - I still don't have full feeling along the incision line but some of it did come back. Some day I will have to check out that BG website - it looks like you are all having a lot of fun over there!