Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello from LONDON ON!

Hey folks!

Well we made it safe and sound and actually the trip went really well! The kids were well behaved, watching their movies and joking, and the roads were all clear with little construction and traffic! IDEAL REALLY!

We are staying at my BIL new home! They just moved in here about a month ago and my SIL dawn really busted her butt to get the house in order in time. It's a beautiful older home. As we were doing the tour, it was like the house that never ended. Every corner presented with a new cubby or door. I guess at one point it use to be a triplex, so we are staying upstairs in an apartment like area. We have our own bathroom, and bedroom, play area for the kids and kitchenette (although I don't see us using The kids are very happy out here, playing on the massive swing set outside and in the mini pool with their cousins!

I was a tad sore by the time we got to London.. to be expected, but I popped some Advil and life made sense once again!

Today we are heading over to my other BIL's to visit, and then returning home for a nice dinner and relaxation!

All in all... a great start to the trip! I have to get some batteries for my camera today so that I can start snapping some pics (have to have new scrapping

Hope all is well with you guys!!



Mellisa said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Happy Anniversary.

Lynn said...

ooooooooo glad you made it. have fun and take lots of pix!!! woo hooo!

Stay funny said...

happy that yo made a safe trip @ your BIL. Have a great vacation and can't wait to see you! ENJOY it 100% !

Jennifer said...

Enjoy London...and check out Scrapbook Studio on Hyde Park Road. It's across from Walmart at the end of Fanshawe Park Road. I try to go there a couple times a year.