Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heading Home in the AM

I am homesick.. I admit it! We are leaving London ON tomorrow morning and should be in Ottawa by late afternoon! I so hope that my neighbours are about so I can get my mail ASAP and oogle over my newest goodies including my Jul Bad Girl Kit. Seeing as June was a write off I so need to dive into this one BIG TIME! LOL HAVE to do the Apron challenge and give Katie a run for her money! IT'S SO ON GIRLFRIEND! LOL

See ya'll soon!



Kataroo said...

i just did another apron one last night girl!!!!!!! Bring it!!!!

Mellisa said...

Drive safe.

Stay funny said...

hope you had a safe trip back home and that the creative juces will flow high in the next days to catch up Katie! she was really busy with all the bad girl contests.... so you have some work to do!!!
Love ya

Ki said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy!!
Hey, I've had to lock my blog... can you email me: and I will send you an invite. There is an explanation on my blog... but I need your email address to send you the invite.