Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few Amazing Scrappin Weeks and Surgery Update

Well I am at my mom's now healing from my hysterectomy. I have been so relaxed and happy here and I'm really glad that mom pretty much didn't give me a choice in this matter. Once a mommy, always a mommy! LOL

The surgery went really well! The docs and nurses were extremely pleased with how fast I have been healing. I was in the hospital for 3 days, and itching so badly to get out of there. I must say the entire experience was pretty good.. I mean as good as a hysterectomy can be! LOL The nurses were in general kind, and I found myself joking quite a bit with them. That likely added to my recovery!

I got to keep my ovaries (thank gawd as if I hadn't then I would have ended up dead or divorced..lol). They took my uterus, tubes and cervix, and ran thru my bowel/bladder to ensure that they got all the lesions! I guess I had a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary that could of burst at any time. My understanding is that it was quite large and probably would of hurt like a bitch had it not been removed surgically! I guess I can still get them but they will be far and few in between, and certainly not at the caliber (pain wise) as endometriosis. I think I can live with that quite nicely! LOL

I was placed on a PCA morphine pump, and had an epidural right before the surgery! I think it's a somewhat new procedure and is meant to keep the pain at bay directly after the surgery. It also forces you to rest for the first 24 hours, which is crucial to allow your body to compensate for the trauma it has gone thru! I was also knocked out for the entire procedure.. thank goodness! Waking up wasn't too bad, and I was pretty comfortable! I did use my morphine pump quite a bit though the first full day after the surgery! It was well received from my aching body!

Now I am enjoying my time here at mom's! I have been served on, and yelled at when I over did it. The first night home here I just couldn't sleep, and ended up pulling an all nighter! I was quite shocked that my body couldn't fall into a good REM sleep seeing as I hardly got any sleep in the hospital! Well I certainly paid for it the next day. I find that I am tuckered out so easily. Even 10 minutes of moving about really drains me... I was told that but didn't really believe it! LOL Guess I was told huh? LMAO
Anyways enough of that.. thanks to all my cyber pals for the well wishes and prayers. I am so lucky to have you guys!!! I send you BIG HUGS and BIGGER SMOOCHES! LOL

I have had some amazing parcels come in the past couple of weeks... I had to do everything in my power not to goober all over my new goodies! LOL I got me some PRIMA PRIMA PRIMA...lol many of their papers, more flowers, more bling... endless! I am feeling very creative looking at my new yummies... and gee I just may knock some socks off with my stoned masterpieces. Katie be so proud! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I also got my Bad Girls parcel.. and it was jammed pack with the bestest stuff eva! Here is some of what I got!

Here is the Jun 08 Kit called "Malibu Pop Shop"

Here is the add on called "With Sprinkles on Top" that I snagged.. check out that Doodlebug Flocked velvet powder.. OH I CAN"T WAIT TO GIVE THIS WHIRL! LOL

I also got the October 07 Project Kit called "So Girly" I know a tad late, but Bad Girls "Wonderful Wendy" had placed it aside for me, and when I was ready to pay for it, out she came.. SO WORTH IT! It's an acrylic album kit, and a tulle purse to make to store the finished album! I have already picked out my pics! YAYA Anyone? LMAO ;)
So Wendy from Bad Girls held a mini "Pop Quiz" for all the scrappers that are on her message boards and want to play! The quiz was super fun and I have to go back and have a good read at all the answers my fellow Bad Girls posted. Sounds like there may be some real funnies out there...LOL I can't wait to get a good chuckle!!!! :) Anyways, I won the quiz and will have some extra goodies (see pic below) on it's way to me (shipping with my July kit)! YAH ME! HEEHEE
Well that's it for now! I am pretty tuckerd out and in dire need of some snoozerooskies...LOL!!!!


Kataroo said...

so glad things are going relatively well in your recovery, and can I say I AM SO JEALOUS of all your goodies!!! I so wish I could come an play. Can't wait to see your drugged out LO's should be fun :)

java_jenny said...

Aawwww Rachel, I didn't even know until reading your post. {{{HUGS}}} I'm so glad you're recovering ok and that Mom is taking good care of you while you heal. Love ya' girl! Take care of yourself!

Stay funny said...

Wow Rach look at all these lovely kits that you got! Amazing... Many hours of fun in your futur! I'm happy to read that your feeling better, that all went well and that your mom is taking good care of you.
Big Hugs XXX

Linda F. said...

SO happy to "hear" from you! Sounds like your coming along just fine. And isn't it great to have such a wonderful mom?! I know you appreciate her so much! And look at those yummies! Are you going to have fun or WHAT!?

Anonymous said...

So glad your home babycakes and on your way to recovery, we'll have you back in no time :) Thank Jannie for taking good care of you :)

Luv ya
Kare Bear

brn2scrp said...

So glad to see you posting! You sound really upbeat - hope that's not just the meds talking, lol. Thank your mum for keeping us posted on the SB board, by the way. I was glad to hear that you were doing well (and that she was around that hospital to make sure they were treating you right).

Marlene said...

Happy to hear things went well for you Rachel! I have been thinking of you!

barb said...

I'm glad your recovery is going well... and with all those yummy scrap supplies to play with, you certainly won't get bored during your recovery period! :D

I dropped a little something in the mail for you the other day. Snagged it for free at a conference I attended, and it seemed just perfect for your situation. ;) :P

Sending a gentle (((hug))) your way. Take care.