Sunday, June 15, 2008


A huge HAPPY FATHER's DAY shout out to my hunky hubby and my handsome daddy!! They never read this blog.. but I may have to sneek an e-mail with the link to this! HEEHEE!

John you are my angel! I struck gold the day I met you. You have enriched my life with so much love, intellect, tenderness, support, caring, Big "O's", and humour! LOL You gave me from the get go a beautiful boy to call my own, and then two beautiful girls! You truely are my soulmate, my rock, and most of all my best friend. My life wouldn't be the same without you in it! HUGS AND KISSES (and all that other yummy stuff after my surgery)! HAPPY FATHER's DAY BABIES! I love you!

My Dad... you are probably still cringing at the Big "O" comment.. but let's just pretend it wasn't there okay! LOL HAPPY FATHER's DAY to you aswell... thank you for being that lended ear, and the kick in my arse when I have needed it. Thank you for the snow angels, my sweet 16 spaghetti dinner, and those uncomfortable hugs that we had shared thru trying times. I have grown to appreciate, love and admire all your advice and stubborness throughout the years. Thank you for being PROUD OF ME! I love you!


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Kataroo said...

i'm cringing for your dad lol