Sunday, June 8, 2008

Really should post!! LOL

OMG has it really been over a week since I have posted? LOL

Well I would love to be posting some of my new work but I am so lazy and haven't snapped any pics yet..LOL I am hoping to scrap today too.. wasn't into it too much this past week, as I was pretty out if it half the time!

My anxiety has been pretty high lately. I know it's got to do with going under the knife soon.. and everything sems to be in shambles. So I am going to try and get some stuff sorted out at work and on the home front to ease some of that worry!

I think I may take a drive out to Michaels today and enjoy the fresh air. I have been awfully cooped up lately and I hate that feeling!

So have a great week everyone.. here;s hoping I actually snap some pics of my latest work so I can share! That and get my arse in gear, and get my challenges done for the summer scrapfest over at LM!



Kataroo said...

I need PIcs LOL :) Glad to see you out and about :) LOve ya :)

pepsigirl said...

Been thinking about you! Hope you're doing well girlie! oxoxoxo