Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm in LOVE with George O'Malley

So I admit it... I have a high school crush... to a fictitious character. I mean yes, I am married to my perfect man (isn't that what I am suppose to say? LOL) Just kidding!!!!

So I have heard for some time all about Grey's Anatomy and how it is the most hiliarious and fun drama on TV these days, and well I downloaded a few episodes and had a look. I was hooked after the first episode. So recently I have been on a Grey's Anantomy marathon and have watched every single episode since day one... Now I am pissed about the strike..LMAO I have to wait until April perhaps May for some new episodes.

So George O'Malley... SIGH.. I am such a sucker for a geek. I mean he is a geek all the way. He's clumsy, and he says the wrong things, but he's so fun loving and cute, and clumsy.... did I mention clumsy. As the seasons progressed and was more and more taken with him.. and then he hooked up with Izzie. Well that's actress Katherine Heigl and she is absolutely gorgeous and talented (and ironically if I was gay, I'd be totally crushing on Well George and Izzie are the best thing to happen to that show... (sorry Callie).. and after reading reviews off the Grey's Anatomy sites it seems fans are quite split on this coupling!!! Well I am all for it. I hope these two get it together and find their timing/chemistry and good sex. They are way too cute!

Anyways TR Knight (who is the actor of my beloved) is perfect for this part... and even after reading he is gay in real life, he's still my George.. my cute clumsy George.. Sigh, just like a pre teen with the Cory's pics up on my wall...LMAO Ya think John would say anything if I put a pic or TR up on my wall??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways here are some pics.... and it turns out TR and Katherine are close friend IRL too...

I know you probably think I am wacked... but this McYummy (have you seen Ellen?) will always do it for me! LOL



Kataroo said...

OK are you like 14 again LOL Too funny :) You need a poster of him to put on your ceiling above your bed :)

brn2scrp said...

ROFLOL, McYummy ... no I didn't see that Ellen episode. You know, George is the only real guy on that show ... the others are too full of themselves... he's got that vulnerable "I'm a little boy, take care of me" thing going, most women are toast around that. Enjoy your crush!!!!

barb said...

George is like a cute little boy, but sorry, my heart still belongs to McDreamy, even with the latest development. And yes, thank GOD the strike is over! lol

Btw, what do you think of all the medical stuff on the show? Is it way off base or do you care?! Because my dh always criticizes the physics and chemistry content on shows like Star Trek. Like, give it a rest... it's a show already! *rolling eyes here*