Monday, February 11, 2008

CHA - Overwhelmed or Excited?

Well CHA is going on now in Cali, and I am finding myself constantly questioning myself about whether I am overwhelmed or whether I am excited. I think more excited as opposed to overwhelmed because I have really gotten over that whole "must own every part of every line every manufactured". I am finding now I either really like it or really couldn't be bothered... and I use to hate to admit that one of my fave coy's produced something horrific. now that's dedication ... LMAO I guess in some ways I have grown up... as has my credit card, and the NO MORE CC from hubby... I use to dread CHA because all I could think was "Oh WOW... how much money am I going to get in crap for spending..." Then it'd sit around for the longest time, collecting dust, and eventually forgotten about all together, and now is in the "to get rid of pile" You so know what I am talking about doncha?? LOL

Well while I am tempted to buy it all up, I now have asked myself if can see me scrapping with in the near future. Considering all the other "near futures" I have this is a very heavy question to weigh.

I find I am looking for a certain style, a certain look, maybe even certain colours. I have given myself permission to just buy one sheet of paper of an entire line cause it would look good with another line. I find a lot of the stuff looks the same...

So I am not so overwhelmed anymore. If I like it, I consider it... and I have to really like something right away to buy it right away. If I oh and ah and hum and ho, then chances are I don't need it! LOL

Rather mature of me isn't it.... where the hell was this Rachel a few years ago??? Would of saved me a bundle!!!!! Oh well live and learn and Ebay!



Kataroo said...

hahahahaha oh the lessons we learn :)

barb said...

Oh, I hear ya! I'm not buying as much as I used to either. Thank goodness, because I've totally run out of space to store it all. lol

Robyn~ said...

Smart....hate to admit it but SMART!