Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't watch if you get Offended Easily!

So this morning I got to sleep in a tad as I am working until 10 tonight. Have to be in for noon hour. I'm looking forward to the next few days as I am on my Advanced Trauma Life Support Course. I am so pumped for this. I am on this with some of the best Docs in the city, and I am going to be like a huge sponge just absorbing all they have to teach. I'll be doing chest tubes, intubation, IV's, blood gasses, Xrays, pericardialcentesis, pneomothorax and hemothorax releases, cathetars etc... YES I know it sounds gross, and most of this is done in a lab (I won't get into those details for those with a sensitive stomach), and is so necessary for the science of medicine. It is a wonderful opportunity for me. Anyways I work this afternoon into tonight, all day tomorrow and Saturday! I think Sunday will be a lazy day! LOL

Anyways, I have some LOs to share, but haven't snagged any pics yet, so they'll have to wait! LOL

In the meantime, I came across these videos, and if you are a Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel fan, be prepared to LYAO! LOL


And then there was Jimmy Kimmel's response to her!

BAHAHAHAHAHA... I had tears streaming down my face after watching those... God luv F#$ked Up Comedy! LMAO

Have a good one!



Jeanette said...

OMG Rachel! I am totally LMAO!!! This made my day :) Thanks girlfriend!

Mellisa said...

I saw this last week ... wasn't it HILARIOUS???? I'd have easily peed my pants ... if I was Katie! ;) lol

Kataroo said...

Have fun at work, sounds like you will :) And nice burn Mell :) LOL I bet you did pee your pants LOL

brn2scrp said...

I watched both of those last night via a 2Peas post ... love it. Love Sarah Silverman, there's something about her I just can't put my finger on - she looks like the girl next door but she is so BAD! Does anyone know if she really had a thing going with Jimmy, or is that just a joke? (I won't even ask about Matt Damon being for real or not ... lol).