Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some internet YUMMIES

What an absolute horrible day yesturday was. LOL I was so weepy and sad, and was listening to the saddest music, was unbelievably bagged (only 2 hours of sleep after playing musical beds... bad night for the the girls) was sick the whole week with a nasty gastro.... Poor hubby... he came home after taking Alexa to her dance class, asked me if I wanted lunch and I just started bawling... and I mean bawling! It lasted for well over an hour. They say sometimes you just need to cry, maybe it's just that release (I prefer to I've been super stressed at work lately, other stuff going on, and I just haven't reached out a chatted about it. I got a great e-mail from Barb yesturday that made me chuckle (thanks girl, and I'll call you for coffee soonest). Anyways, after a great night of much needed sleep, I do feel better. I had me a great dream about George too... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm hopeless.. WINK!

It's been a while since I have posted any of my internet findings. Seeing as my hubby is stil in bed, I can't get scrapping yet, so off surfing I go!

Check out this cool patterned key rack.. link here

So Teresa Collins made her debut at CHA... from my scrapping internet pals that went to CHA, I guess this stuff is to die for. Sad thing though, Teresa had some of her projects stolen... Very sad!

A few interesting things up on Scrap Scene lately...

Here is a cute inspirational frame... oh I want to make one of these..LOVE IT
link is here

Love this buterfly collage from Ali Edwards blog...

Chandalier die cut alert... LOVE THIS... very brilliant!

DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED ON MM BLOG?? PERHAPS WIN SOME NOTEWORTHY YUMMIES? Check out the details here (Steph, you had better jump all over this

So I just got my Bad Girls Feb kit in the mail.. and I can't wait to create... Wendy out did herself again!

Came across this blog called "Crazy About Mini albums"

Well hubby just got up.... so I am off to snag a shower, and get scapping. Have two LO's to finish up before I start on any more. LOL

Have a great Sunday... and for those living in Ottawa, there is a freezing rain warning out there... hard to believe I know, as it looks nice out right now! Be careful just the same!



Kataroo said...

oooh I love Teresa Collins stuff, I can't wait to see some in real life.

Stay funny said...

Thanks Rach for your Sunday post... love seeing what you find when you surf the net! And yes... I added my name on the list of candidate interrested to be futured of the MM site! THanks and hugs S xx

Barb said...

Love the mini album blog... love Ali's butterflies... love your new kit! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Love that butterfly frame! Wow, TFS!