Thursday, February 7, 2008


So today on the way to the babysitters, it turned 0653 (time of Alexa's birth). I say to her.."So Alexa, this time 5 years ago you came out of mommy's belly" She proceeds to tell me "NO I DIDN'T MOMMY".. She is quite set that this is untrue. So I tell her it's true. She then says "NO MOMMY I CAME OUT OF YOUR VAGINA!"

When did my baby grow up enough to know she was indeed right...??? LOL

Happy 5th Birthday my princess.... I love you so much, and feel so blessed that you are a part of me. You are a true blessing and one of the best things I ever did with my life!



Kataroo said...

hahahahahaha oh man that's hillarious. hahahahaha

barb said...

rofl. What a character she is! Happy birthday to her!

Michelle said...

Good for Alexa to know the truth! LOL! Happy Birthday!

brn2scrp said...

Omigosh. Just be grateful you weren't out in public, lol ... then again, I just **love** it when I hear little kids say words that embarass their parents ... reminds me of the good old days when mine would do that! Hope Alexa had a wonderful day!

Robyn~ said...

Happy Birthday Princess!