Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's gonna be a GREAT YEAR!


Well while many people have started a list of resolutions, I have decided against the whole damn thing! I am not going to say I am going to lose weight, I am not going to say that I need to hit the gym more.... I am not resolving anything. I am going to take one day at a time and enjoy the moments much more. I am going to make more time for the personal things that I love and adore... My friends, My family and my crafts!

It's been a great holiday. I have relaxed, and taken it all in.. more so than I thought I would! This is a good thing seeing as before my holidays, I was fit to be tied..LOL

I have been checking out some blogs and ideas to get more scrapping done and I have come across a few great ideas...

1 - I have joined Lifetime Moments Winter Screpfest. I joined the summer one but with the death of my FIL, I didn't have the time to dedicate to it.. so the cold winter will be spent scrapping thru challenges! I know that some people may be a tad leery paying the 10 bucks... but I do shop there often so the discount rocks, and Jackie always has amazing doorprizes etc. I have yet to particiapte in anything that I wasn't rewarded with atleast $20 of free product! Not to mention the challenges from the DT ROCK! Check em out!

2 - My girlfriend Tracy Austin who is a MMM is hosting an ART Challenge at LM aswell. 5 weeks of art challenges with five different images. They are all posted now and in true Tracy style she picked the most challenging of them... GOD LOVE YOU GIRL! Here is the link!

3 - I am also involved in the 2008 designing with Calendar challenges at LM. I purchased my calendar with them, and I get access to a private forum, with a chance to get pubbed in an AL DW book. There is a winner each month. That being said.. I don't expect to win, but the pages will get done! LOL

4 - At Bad Girls, they are about to announce the January Challenge that one lucky gal (who is a kit subber) may have a chance to win. Wendy (owner of BG) has ordered 12 beautifully blinged up Aprons that are given away each month... I am so going to try hard to win one!! YOU BEST TOO KATIE! LOL

5 - Anna from Pencil Lines is hosting a free workshop challenge called 365 Challenges. This focuses entirely on you... I don't think I'll do 365 days but maybe one a week....

6 - If you have received Donna Downey's latest newsletter, then you can see the ideas that are brimming in her head. She has an Art journal in the works, and has decided to do a photo a day with the text of what is going on in that pic written right on it. Here is an example right from her newsletter!
Love this idea!!!!!

As I find more blogs/sites that hold some great challenges, I'll be sure to share. I love doing challenges as it gives me more incentive to actually scrap. While I would love to actually commit to a 365 challenge I think realistically it's best to start small. Maybe try to do something for one week, one month etc.. then take it from there!!!

So again Welcome 2008... I bet you are just brimming with adventure!! All I have to say to that is BRING IT ON!!!!!! LOL



brn2scrp said...

Happy New Year to you!!! Love love love your attitude!! Thanks for the links to the challenges ... I may try a few!

Kataroo said...

ok I am so going to have check out LM now, you got me curious :) lol