Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yes, Xmas shopping that is.. I KNOW I KNOW... holy late batman... but I do have a reason! LOL

So John and I were some stressed for a while... about a week and a half ago, our car went "kaboom".. well it didn't really blow up but it oveheated while we froze our arses in the car.. Go figure. So off to the car repair man we go. We are told that this is a $1000 job, which we are okay with considering it's been a good car, and have had no major expenses with it either. Well that turned into another problem, which turned into a nother problem etc... until the final bill was $4250.. YES I AM NOT FIBBIN...LOL I was freakin! We had the money in savings, but that seriously hampered Xmas. My boy was flying in, and I had 2 girls who were seriously expecting that joly fat man to come down our non existent chimney. Well after a chat with my mom and dad they helped us out.


So John and I went out on friday and were pleasantly surprised at the lack of volume (I mean the rush of last minute shoppers is horrific) out there. Between Toys R Us and Walmart, we found everything. We also decided to forgo giving gifts to eachother and making it about the kids... That happens when you blow over $7000 in less than 2 weeks (remember we had to fly cody in, and drive all the way to Montreal to get him) LOL John and and I agreed to save for a new TV, and give it to eachother. Summer maybe??? LMAO

Anyways, Cody is here, my tree is up and smells wonderful, I am officially on holidays (scrapping and blog posting here I come) and I am just relaxing and waiting for the magic of Xmas. we will be heading to my mom and dad's tomorrow for a Xmas Eve feast, and of course Xmas day with Xmas dinner!

Have lots to check thru today but not too sure how much "findings" I'll post! But here we go!

First thing first a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my YAYA Katie... I love you with all my hear sweetie and I hope you're day is full of laughter, happiness, love and SEX! LMAO!!!!! MMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Here is a sweet OWL ORNAMENT pattern.. think felt!

Page Maps 2008 are out early as Becky is on Xmas vacation. Here is the link!

Did you see these fabric covered mini albums curtosy of Donna Downey... Super yummy!

Insightful blog. That describes my girlfriends Barb's blog... Check it out sometime!!!

New CPS sketch

Well folks I know it's not much but I am going to try and post as much as I can over the holidays!!! Have a great one!



Michelle said...

Oh. My. God.
If Mike and I were faced with that bill, well, we would be without a car. It takes me 2 months to make 4000.00. That seriously sucks!
Glad Cody is home safe. Have a great Christmas!

barb said...

Well, happy birthday to Katie! :D

Holy freaking repair bill! UGH! Hugs to your mom (and dad too!) for helping you guys out.

I'm glad Cody has arrived, safe and sound. Enjoy the time with your WHOLE family in the house. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Darling Rachel. All my love and blessings to you and the family.

Love Robyn~

Anonymous said...
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Kataroo said...

thank-you for the b-day wishes :) I can't get over how much the car cost, wowsers, so glad it didn't ruin your x-mas though. Love ya, katie

brn2scrp said...

Hey babe, sorry to hear about the horrendous car bill. I would still be hyperventilating if that happened to me. Thank God for Jan to the rescue!!! Hope you had a great Christmas ... looking forward to seeing the results of your scrapping and blogging!

Anonymous said...
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