Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's fun when the babysitter is sick...LMAO

OK... not fun for her (I luvs ya Henny), but today I got the day off as she is now battling that awful cold that went thru my home. So I get to catch up on some fun e-mails and scrapping stuff. I actually plan to scrap today too... gonna pull out the girls scrapping bin so that they'll have their own scrapping to do aswell!!! Maybe that way, I'll actually get my own stuff done...LMAO

I came across this this morning and LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For teetotalers it takes years to practice this asana, but boozers can do the same with 8-10 pegs only. One more reason to say cheers!!!!


Looking for some information on George Bush. Just type 'miserable failure' in Google.com and see the full detail...


Ever wondered why Italic fonts are always tilted? Here's how it all started....

Check out this cute FELT GINGERBREAD HOUSE. The link is here

LIFETIME MOMENTS is having a RUB ON sale and a PEN sale.

OH I have so much to do..time to get off the computer and get me arse moving!!! LOL

Have a great day!



Pam said...

Love that gingerbread house- will have to use it as inspiration when we get our annual one from IKEA to decorate

brn2scrp said...

Hey there! I miss your Xmas guys pictures but at least now I can open your blog with my kids around ... lol ... glad to hear you had yourself an at-home-with-the-girls-and-scrappin' day! Those are the best!

Robyn~ said...

Cool post! I love your humor! Miserable failure....that's funny....I wonder if it links to my ex-husband too?

barb said...

Okay, that yoga one slays me. Thanks for the smile. :)

Michelle said...

LOL at the yoga one and the miserable failure!