Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doncha love a good sweat?? LOL

Well I have gone to the gym every morning this week and the first two days I took it super easy... well this AM there was no more of that! I GAVE ER!!!!! LOL

30 minutes of a good sweat on the treadmill... and I feel fabo!!!! I totally thought I gained a billion pounds over the holidays.. I was extremely bad, eating what I wanted and most of the time it wasn't good for me..LOL Surprisingly though... I didn't gain anything.. I almost fell of the scale when I saw that... I didn't exercise over the holidays so I have no idea how I did it...maybe I wasn't as bad as I thought I was...

That being said... after my wicked burn of a workout, and the buckets of sweat I melted off, the best part was the tempid shower after... letting the cool water run over your beet red face feels so amazing.. SIGH

So tonight I celebrated with a lazy dinner of pizza BAHAHAHAHAHA... YES I HAD SALAD TOO!!!!! HeeHee

Tomorrow I have Pilates.... ya know even if the pounds don't melt off me... it is sure worth the effort I am putting in!! I feel great!



brn2scrp said...

Keep it up Rach!!! I have not been to the gym in over a month - got all caught up in the Christmas rush and the bad weather issues (reasons or excuses - you be the judge). I miss it! Going to get back to it this weekend. Gotta feel the burn!

Kataroo said...

sounds amazing, I am so happy to hear your kicking ass, I love it!!!

barb said...

That's GREAT, Rach! WTG! I'm so proud of you, girlie! :)

I am trying hard to get back into it. I ate way too much over the holidays too. lol