Friday, January 4, 2008

Today I scrap/Some Pics

Today I am actually going to scrap... I have been given some quiet time in my room (I haven't been feeling all that great the past couple of days), from my hubby! He is on kid patrol...god luv him BIG! LOL So I have my December Bad Girl Kit and my challenge(s), some pics printed... and away I go!

Have some awesome pics of my kids taken by my amazing sitter Henny! These are among my faves and I cannot wait to scrap them...

Angie with her Gameboy!

Alexa as a princess Halloween 2007

Angelina as a very appropriate half devil, half

Alexa ready for JAMMIE DAY at her school!

The girls cookie decorating!

The annual Tree pic of my girls!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that my babies have gotten so big. I often wonder where all the time has gone.. More and more I find myself searching for some tid bit of baby left in them... it's not there anymore. SIGH... they have grown into beautiul little girls though and I am sure that before long I'll be searching for that tid bit of little girl, in my teens... so I am just gonna live for the now and enjoy it while I can!!! LOL

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Michelle said...

Great photos! Enjoy your scrap time.

RyanSquires said...

awesome pics, love the halloween ones esp :)

brn2scrp said...

Your girls just get more beautiful each day! Hope you had a fun time scrapping!

Elizabeth R said...

Hi Rachel, your girls are so adorable!! I love that princess picture!

I just saw your blog tag today, so here I am.