Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Scrappy Fun and a CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!

Hi ya readers! :)  So I am battling another cold or whatever it is going to evolve into!  I had been nursing my youngest this past weekend so it was inevitable!  Started with a sour tummy .. but I took some meds and went to bed early last night .. wasn't up pukey so it worked!  Will rest as best as I can today, push the fluids and see if I can nip this in the bud!  WINK!

So I had a fabo Saturday with my scrappy friends at the Box.  Love the laughs and giggles, got to go out to lunch with one of my besties, and just bask in the estrogen fever!  LMAO

I did manage to create a couple of LOs ... which is amazing for me as I had lost my scrapbook mojo (damn art journalling .. lol) and I have tons of scrap stash and pics begging to be toyed with.  I indeed TOYED! :)

So the first LO was the one that was featured yesturday!  And the other LO was one I had done with some OLD STASH!  Remember Scenic Route Sumner?  Here is a pic to remind you .. it was a few years ago that it was released!

Here is the LO I created with it! :)  Thank you Tojo for the die cut flowers .. they were perfect for this LO!

On another note .. I was a DT Feature on the Hello Cutie Challenge Blog the weekend before last!  I did a mini interview, and shared my all time FAVE LO EVER! :)  Have a read here!  Here is a pic of that LO!

You can read all about my fellow DT team member CASS there too!

While trying to decide which LO I wanted to share as my Fave .. I had the chance to go back into my blog and see older posts and the work I use to create!  It really inspired me to go back to my multi layered roots!  I wanted to post a few of my other faves!  Then perhaps ... post a challenge for YOU!

This was a LO that I had made for a white space challenge!  I had NOT USED ANY PP .. only white cardstock and of course the embellies!  Doesn't hurt that the pic is kinda sweet too!  LOL

This was my first attempt at an ATC .. I creates a pocket so I could insert a journal card!

Recent project ... a series of Picture Frames for my parents mantle.  Went a little Prima crazy here! :)

This LO won me my BAD GIRL KITS swarovski crystal apron .. but the bigger prize .... I DID NIP THAT GROSS HABIT!!!!  Over 6 months and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!

If memory serves correct this was a lift from Heidi Swapp ... I think .. been years!  My hunky hubby and a few words that make me think of him! :)

I am not a journaller .. and it is something I really need to work on!  This was a LO that I went crazy on the journalling .. maybe because it there was such a wonderful story to tell!  This is my boy Cody when he was a baby! :)

A LO of my beautiful girls and I!  I have to remember and go back and do another quote with the bigillion mini letter stickers I own!  LOL

I love that tree .. I had flocked it and stickled it ... Xacto knifed the PP ... I just remember this being really fun to make!

OMG .... I chuckled putting this LO together!  I love that it is a pictureless LO (as is my ciggy one)!  Sometimes it's just fun to play with your stash!!!!  :)

This LO went from A to B while I laughed my arse off!  The products were just so young and playful .. so the Lo went in that direction as well!  A whole lot of crazy going on here! :)

So a little self indulging there .. but hey IT'S MY BLOG .. and I'LL INDULGE IF I WANT TOO!  BAHAHAHAH!

THE CHALLENGE!  SCRAPLIFT ME!!!!!!!  Have a look at the LO's I have posted and lift one of them!  That easy!  I will RAK EVERYONE WHO PLAYS!  If you know me .. my RAKs ... WELL WORTH IT!  WINK!  I will give this till next Sunday night .. meaning have your LO completed by midnight on Sunday night (all times work .. will not be getting to this till Monday morning)!



Kataroo said...

The last LO is my fav!!!! WEEEEEEEE I remember that one! That was fun looking back over those. a RAK eh?????mmmmmmmm I had better get scrapping :)

Kataroo said...

done have a look at my blog that was fun :)