Friday, November 20, 2009

School Pics, NEW MOON and a Thank you!

Well no secret from my previous entry that I have gone thru a bit of a hard time .. that being said with the help of my family and my closest friends .. it's been a week of healing for me! Thank you to those that have called, e-mailed and left me comments and messages. I feel truly loved and cared for from those I treasure the most. Have made some changes, and continue to grow to be the best I can be! It's going to take some time ... and I am ready to tackle it day to day!

I have decided that there is no golden horseshoe out there .. or if there is it it certainly being hogged by others! LOL I managed to catch another cold, and had a minor throat abcess (which is healing now, thank goodness), but I am at my wits end with the illnesses that have harboured my home this year! So vitamins are distributed, more fruits and veggies, healthier lifestyle all around is our best aid at this point. I have found a humourous attitude has really done much for my soul this time around too...LOL

On a happier note, my girls had their school pics sent back home recently! I tend to get the CD of images so I have the copyright license, so I am can play. I just got them this week, so I will post the basic of images for my family, but I am looking forward to having some photoshop fun! LOL

Here is Alexa's GRADE 1 Picture

Is it me or does she look particularily grown up? It's crazy .. she's 6! LOL She is really enjoying grade 1 and has taken to the full day of school quite nicely!

Here is Angelina's SK Pics

Sorry for the back grounds .. LOL Ang is right behind me and wanted these ones posted! Again, I look at my baby girl and I am in complete awe! Remember when she was just a baby?? MAn times soars by!

So tonight ... I have a hot date with my one of my BFF's Katie to see NEW MOON! The lady was wise and bought the tickets well in advance. We're planning on having some dinner, then stand in line to make sure we can atleast sit together, and play Twilight Trivia and knit! Man we know how to have a good time huh? BAHAHAHAHA I SURE THINK SO! WINK!

Hugs and have a great weekend all!



Stay Funny said...

Have a fun time at the movies tonight with Katie and enjoy your w-end! xxx

Dorrie said...

your girls are gorgeous....just gorgeous...
glad to hear your throat is much illness everywhere...
laughter is definitely the best medicine.. and a dose of Katie...LOL
Glad you had a good time...

Barb said...

How did your girlies get so big so fast?! They are both beautiful, Rach.