Tuesday, November 3, 2009


ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ... I admit defeat! I hang my head in shame and won't offer up any excuses like my entire family was so sick thru most of the month of Oct, and I had to look after them, and I was too busy to scrap, and I really needed my rest to be the best mommy and friend I could be .. I AM NOT GONNA GIVE ANY EXCUSES ... insert roll eyes! BAHAHAHAHA!

So .. honestly ... Katie kicked my big beautiful behind in the LOAD Challenge for Oct .. I mean she didn't just beat .. she creamed me! LMAO .. So now I have to put together a gorgeous kit from my ridiculous stash, for her creating pleasure!

All I have to say is thank goodness it's nearing the end of the year .. cuz I am gonna try and keep up (I seriously doubt I could beat her) in 2010 with her ... A likely serious set up for failure if you all know Katie and her speed scrapping ... but it'd sure be fun to try!

And yes .. if you think it's ridiculous that we compete .. IT IS .. but it keeps us both motivated to scrap .. hence why the friendship works .. WE LOVE TO KICK EACHOTHERS ARSES! BAHAHAHA!

Have a look at her flickr account ... enjoy!




Kataroo said...

Thank-goodness for you loosing b/c other wise LOAD would have totally sucked ! I am being such a sore looser but I did 31 LO's one every bloody day even when sick, paid $10 to play and didn't win a damn think...somehow the so called accomplishment of doing 31 lo's just isn't doing it for me...how horrible is that....sore looser I am :) :)

Dorrie said...

you are a sore loser Katie... at day 3, I was 3 days behind...LOL
you guys both kicked my huge arse!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I didn't kick ur Arse D ... I cheated! BAHAHAH! WINK!

Anonymous said...
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