Saturday, May 24, 2008

TY Katie

So last night I had plans to go to my YAYA Katie's place to FINALLY meet her newest addition Kasey and to do a lil scrapping. Well the way the night ended up we did all but

I got there around 1730, and was greeted at the door by Kayleigh (her other dd) and I got big hugs from her (which is the first time that I I got to peek at Kasey and hold her, and change her bum (amazing how all that just comes back to and coo at her for a bit!

Katie ordered us some ZA and I relaxed with my beer while Kayleigh and I played silly games at the dinner table.

Kasey was on the fussy side most of the evening (I think I'm so we didn't get a chance to actually sit down and attempt any scrapping until 2230.. by then both Katie and I just didn't have much in the sense of creative juices. We did get to relax and laugh and chat and just enjoy eachothers company though.

Thanks Kasey for being so fussy! You may have been a handful but you allowed mommy and I to realize that we do infact have a lot more in common than just scrapping..LOL

Thanks Katie for having me over.. I can't wait for our next date!

So... today I am scrapping.. I got my new May BG KIT (OMG...YUM) and I have already started my first LO with it.. John is taking Alexa to her rehersal today for her dance recital on Thurs and next Sat, and I have to clean a tad as my MIL is coming into town next Tues evening to visit for a week! I am also starting to cramp up pretty good seeing as this is gonna be the week before the pain hits hard! So I have lots to do!

Oh one last thing.. if you haven't seen this movie...

Be sure to check it out... it didn't get much in the sense of reviews but I really enjoyed it... what a beautiful story!

Have a great weekend!



Kataroo said...

I sooo enjoyed your company last night, as it was a nice cozy night spent with my dear friend, while wrangling the baby, and talking about all sorts of things, and getting spoiled with goodies, PS I ate the last panforte for breaky LOL

Ki said...

Sounds like you and Katie had a special time nonetheless...
I'll keep my eyes out for that movie - thanks for the recommendation!
I hope to play with my BG kit tomorrow - crossing my fingers!!

Robyn de Weerd said...

I'll check out the painted veil....I saw "Stealing Beauty" on TV the other day and am determined to see obscure films that the critics hated!

Marlene said...

Glad to hear you had a nice evening out and also happy to hear you will get some relief from your pain soon.

barb said...

I loved reading your post. I love that you and Katie had a great time together... re: babies... it really does come back to you, no problem at all. I had the same feeling when I visited a friend and her one month old son a few weeks ago. He fussed... I walked and bounced him, and it felt like just yesterday when my guys were babies. Truth is, it's been a LONG time... like six years ago since my youngest was a newborn. Eeek!

Thanks for updating... makes me miss you lots but still feel connected in a way. (((hug)))

Michelle said...

Does it make you want to have another? LOL!
Sometimes it is nice to just hang out with friends and do nothing but chat!

dixie dawn said...

I just saw that movie - it was ALMOST as good as The Notebook.

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Nicole said...

I just saw the movie last week and really liked it!