Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sigh .. some relief FINALLY

Well I woke up this am (after my first night of decent sleep) feeling a lot better. The pain is now no more than cramping, and certainly consistent with just taking Advil. So I am off the heavy duty meds.. thank gawd.. cause as some of my YAYAs can agree I get pretty spacey and forgetful on them (and I certainly have never needed any help in that department...LMAO). WINK!

So today I am going to blog surf, internet find and actually scrap and relax.. catch up on some Bad Girl reading, and get inspired! My laptop is still at the "laptop fixer upper guy" but I am hoping I will have a definantive answer about it one way or another by this weekend. I get so frustrated using the family computer after being spoiled with my laptop. I hate being stuck in this chair, in front of this screen...LOL

Anyways... off for now.. I will be back to post some of my finds perhaps tomorrow!



Stay funny said...

Happy your feeling better! Sendding some hugs your way! Have a great day to your self and enjoy relaxing, surfing and scrapbooking! Love and hugs

barb said...

You're sick?! Get well soon, Rach!

Kataroo said...

yeah your feeling better, and just in time for the weekend when your kids will be loose and all over you LOL :) Hope you have a good one :)