Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mini Album and LO Share

Hey readers... I am currently at my moms but wanted to share this mini album that I had finished up last night. It is my fave one ever... and I used the Apr Bad Girl Kit to make it...
I used the Basic Grey chipboard album as the base, adhered and sanded PP to the base and then painted the outside edges. I also painted the journal pages. I distressed with Ranger tea dye ink all over the egdes. Away I went!... LOL

I used some aged paper doileys on the front here. I also took the KI Lace paper and cut it to form the edge of the chipboard album! Then I went nuts!


So I totally went with a hottie theme here...LOL I guess I should mention that this mini is about our first YAYA gethering. On the left is Steph and I, and the right is Mell and I. I used the Bam Pop frames, some Jenni Bowlin letter stickers, burlap from a previous Bad Girl kit and of course odds and ends from Apr Kit!


The quote on the left page says
"Each friend represents a world in us. A world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born!" Annis Nin
The right page is my mom and I.

The left side is of Steph and the right side is mom and I


On the left is Steph and on the right is me!

IT BEGAN - PAGE 9 & 10
Journalling for both pages read.
"Yup so it began. The birth of the YAYA's. The first time that Steph, Mell, Katie and I celebrated together. I heard the sounds of horns and hootin and hollerin' of the girls coming up the pathway to my house. We were celebrating my B-Day and John was cooking up a feast of escargot, ceasar salad, spaghetti and chocolate trifle for dessert. We did attempt to watch our YAYA movie but ended up chit chatting so much that none of us really took it in. As we sipped out yummy drinks and wore our tiaras (mom and Alexa joined us too) we posed for these pics. It was a B-day I will always cherish."

IT BEGAN - PAGE 11 & 12

On the left is Katie and on the right is Mellisa

IT BEGAN - PAGE 13 & 14

The quote on the left reads
"Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer." Ed Cunningham
The right is my dd Alexa and I


So I used one of my fave personally made techniques here...LOL I take my stickles and I squeeze it all over everything, then I use kleenex that is impregnated with lotion (you buy them at the supermarket anywhere) and I smear the stickles over everything, giving it a really cool finish... that way the glue from the stickles doesn't goop up either.

These pics really don't do it much justice.. IRL it is so awesome... yes I know TOOT TOOT.. but I am sure there have been projects you have all done where you think you really rawked it.. LOL This one is mine!

I also did a LO a while back that I am finally posting.. just the girls playing on the computer.

Well that is all.. I was just excited to share. LOL I hope everyone has a great long weekend... I know my day is looking much better than it did yesturday. Thanks for the kick in thew arse and the love sent my way... I really needed it! LOL



Mellisa said...

Love your Mini album. It's awesome and soooo you. Hubba! Hubba to you too ;) lol

Linda F. said...

LOVE the mini! Explain to me the deal with the stickles and lotion tissues. Sounds like something I should be doing!

Kataroo said...

That Mini Album is INSANE!!! I love it, its wild and full of life, and glitter!! Its so you!! That was a very special night man, the beggenning of many good things to come indeed.

I really really love the LO, the circles, and placement of pics and the clock all move the eye around that page and reinforce the idea of time.

Anonymous said...

Great the stickles idea and the pages and quotes are FAB! It is quite the treasure! So glad you are having a better day! ......kit is coming!
Bonnie B

brn2scrp said...

Oh, what a great album! It looks like so much FUN to look at. I just discovered Stickles like 3 days ago and I am carefully squeezing some onto everything ... who knew you could go hog-wild and wipe it on ... I'm gonna have to try that!!!!

Lynn said...

oooooooo you are so right. this is AWESOME and it totally rocks. the journaling is so you. love it!

barb said...

BEAUTIFUL mini album. So much stuff, so many pictures... such great stories to tell. I love it!

And the LO about the girls on the computer... it could very easily be my boys on the computer together. I guess it's just a kid thing. lol

Pam said...

Great mini album Rachel-I do hope you are feeling somewhat better after your last post! Love your description of the kids too!

Stay funny said...

Wow Rach! The little book looks great!!!! Can't wait to see it IRL!!!! And the layout is beautiful too!
Hope you have a great week!
S xx

Kat said...

OMG Rachel, I was killing time blog hopping and can't believe I stumbled across you.
I have missed you terribly and think about you often.
Please get in touch chickie!

Chatty Kathy.

Lori said...

Lovin' that mini book! It just oozes of the fun you and your YAYAs have! And the stckles wipe is such a fun technique too!

Jennifer said...

It's breath takingly beautiful. I have 2 mini albums I have sitting there and don't know what to do with. You've given me some ideas!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful album babycakes!

So much detail and techniques, you just plain rock at this stuff!

Hope to see it IRL one day soon :)

kare Bear

Bethany Kartchner said...

Thanks for that stickles tip! Great idea! Beautiful work. My goodness!

pepsigirl said...

WHAT THE FREAKIN hell RACH???!!!! How could I have missed this mini album??? I've been crazy busy...BUT WTF??? This mini is to DIE for!! Seriously, your stuff has been RAWKin lately!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh!T Rach! You are good sista!!! Love your work!!! ;)

hugs to ya...dee