Friday, May 9, 2008


My goodness I feel like a new woman today! I have a bit of spring in my step.. I am actually smiling. Completely off my meds... and trying to remember that voice in my head telling me to go slow this weekend! I want to get up and run around but that'll take up any extra energy I have and I want to use this energy on enjoying my mother's day with my family! LOL

I have been blog reading and surfing this morning.. and OH MY.. so much to look at! So here are some things that have jumped out at me!

MARLENE... you're blogging again! WAHOO! Ladies this woman takes pics like you've never seen! Here are a couple of examples right from her blog!

Some awesome finds off of SCRAPSCENE recently.. Check these out!

This Butterfly Canvas is gorgeous. Made by Jill Brush... I am so inspired by it. I am going to try my hand at something like this in the future! It's so vibrant and happy.. and let's face it... we can all use some happy happy! LOL

Love this tutorial on how to make 3D paper flowers by Susan Lui

Have to HAVE this book!
Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean! Link here for Canadians! Link here for US!

Amazing Vintage Blog Alert!!!!

My YAYA's have been busy little bees, creating and having fun! Here are a few things that have jumped out at me!

Mellisa scrapped a pic of herself! She showed me this pick via a Flickr group she belongs to and I fell in love! Not too many pics jump out and actually speak to me (yes korny I know...but true), but this one did. It almost looks like she has a little secret and is savouring it..LOL Anyways.. awesome job scrapping this girl!

Katie just had a baby a month ago.. and is a scrapping machine.. I have lovingly called her a bitch cuz I have no clue how she does it!!! LOL Here is one of my faves... she ended up getting an interesting comment about it (her decision to formula feed VS breastfeed) that kinds stirred things up... so just a quick shout of to my girl that I love ya.. and am happy you made a decision that is best for your family.. Hugs!

Tanya is happy she just wrote a HUGE cheque for a SMALL hole... BAHAHAHAHA.. I seriously LMAO when I read that title girl... she is in the process of moving and the foundation for the new house is starting to go up! Just so she knows that I love her "hole" I'll post it here too...LMAO.. "WHO LUVS YA BABY???"

Last but not least is my Stephanie who I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TOO!!!!

" Congrats for making the Scrapbox DT sweetie!! They sure made the right decision when they hired you! You are going to rawk that place! HUGE HUGS!"

Just so you can see what kind of talent this lady has... check out her latest!

Tomorrow I am browsing my BAD GIRLS blogs... LOL

Well that is enough for now... hard sitting in this chair as my friggin laptop isn't back yet! That and I am feeling inspired now and am going to have my shower and scrap a bit!

Oh on a final note... my new blog look is going to have to wait until my laptop is back! I can't fart and fiddle around on this computer with the banners...LOL So I haven't forgotten and once the new look is out, the winner of the RAK will be announced!

Have a good one everyone!



Kataroo said...

awesome post, very fun :)

Lori said...

Ooh, thanks for the heads up on the vintage blog and that book looks fab! Might have to get me a copy of that!

Jennifer said...

I want what's making you so happy and hyper! LOL...nah, never mind I get like that naturally.

And I am a breastfeeding guru. (The girls have a name for me at work but I won't post it because it is not a word I like to use given the history behind it). ANYWAYS...if she wants to formula feed WHO CARES. She can feed the baby however she wants.

And I love that LO Mel did...your right the pic speaks words!

Stay funny said...

Thanks Rach! I am so happy to be part of the DT @ the Scrapbox!
Have a great week and it was really great to see you yesterday! Big hugs
St├ęphanie xx