Monday, October 26, 2009


AAAAHHH the glorious reality of my life this past week! LOL

John and I are much better, and Angie is good to go to school today .. but Alexa .. oh my poor Alexa .. is really gettin her arse kicked by this bug! While she is more energetic, she crashes quickly and hard. Her cough is still nasty, but no fever, and she is eating and taking in fluids. Still not gonna send her to school to spread that around so I am asking for her homework to be sent home so she can get caught up! These bugs seem to be getting worse and worse throughout the years .. so scary!

So the weekend was eventful regardless of the fact that we were down and out for most of the week! Saturday started by taking Steph's canvas class at The Scrapbox. GORGEOUS! Katie decided to surprise us by joining us for the afternoon!

John dropped the kids of at my brothers for the night and we went out on a date. A much needed date let me tell you! We ended up going to Lonestar for dinner, then grabbed a Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte of course), and went for a nice drive around the city! Once we got home, we had a few wobblies and curled up on the couch and enjoyed Twilight, and Saw V. Both are awesome! I won't go into details on what happened next cuz this is a PG blog .. but let me tell you ... WOW WOW WOW! LMAO!

Yesturday we slept in, and went to pick up the kids. Had a small visit with my brother and his fiance Karine and their kids, and then went to DeSerres so I could pick up a couple of much needed things (insert roll eyes cuz you all know that I NEED IT!) ... LOL We then drove to Barrhaven and caught "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" 3D. What an awesome movie! The girls giggled and it was so warming to see them sitting between John and I, with their little popcorn combo on their laps, and the glasses on their faces... it was so much fun!

We then went to Kelsey's for some apps and dessert, and home for the night! It was wonderful.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUNKY HUBBY! I am so happy that we celebrated as a family and had such a fun time doing it. The girls and I are going to bake a cake and make him a nice meal on Wednesday and then we are heading to my parents place this weekend for Halloween and Birthday celebrations (John's, my niece Paige, and my brother's).

All and all a great weekend, and I am hoping that this week I can get caught up on some e-mails and some blog reading .. oh ya and HOUSEWORK! BLAH! LOL




Stay Funny said...

Happy you had a great weekend! Was really great that you had fun at the class and have a fabulous week, I hope germs free! xx

Barb said...

Sorry you have a house full of sickies... :(
I was wondering what had happened to you over at LOAD. Poor you.