Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wahoo STEPH/Luv Ya Squires/Tagged

Well I have come to realize that I really have been sucking with blog posting this month (past couple of Seems when I make a point of it, I really need to play catch up.. so I will start posting more and more!!!!

Wanted to give a huge shout out to my YAYA Stephanie. Her big announcement came out... she was a Guest Designer for Making Memories blog. I'm like a peacock right now for her, spreading my wings and basking in her glory. Those of us local girls have always known she is a talent to be reckoned with, but now the whole scrapping world will be privy to this info as well! Her name will be in lights ones day scrappers, mark my words!

Here is the LO that she submitted, and I love that she spotlighted our YAYA friendship as it is one that we are all proud of! Please go and leave her some love on the MM blog and her personal blog. I suspect we're going to be seeing lots of love, inspiration and candy on her blog in the next few months!!!


Just wanted to leave some love to my YAYA Katie and the Squires family. They have had lots of bad news in their family of of late, and this weekend brings another event. Katie's father in-law sadly passed away (less than a year after her MIL). Quite unexpected, although ill, they were not expecting this to happen this weekend. Huge hugs to you Katieroo, and please give Ryan our love. Be good to yourself this week while you lay Mr Squires to rest, and be strong for Ryan. Love you, don't worry about anything at home here. Us YAYA's will be here for you as you need us to be! Call me if you need to talk!

I was also TAGGED my fellow Bad Girl Linda.. I tell you i just adore this woman.. she commonly refers to herself as a "Hippie", and this just may be the reason why I luv her so much. She has a lot of spunk, is super sweet, and one heck of a scrapping talent. That and I think her and my mom are bonding on Bad Girls... not too sure if that scares me yet or not... LMAO

Here is my response to her tag!

You have to post a fact that starts with each letter of your middle name. Then you tag a person for each letter. If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name.

My Middle name is ANN

A - ART... I have never been an artist per say. Actually I have memories of getting D's and F's in art class in elementary school, cause my work was always messy and never by the book. I have come to realize that my teachers were on smack... seriously.. I am an artist, just an eclectic one. Meaning that I love abstract and messiness and trying out new things, and while it may not be by the book, it's me... Here are some pieces of art that I can relate to and totally love! LOL

All artwork can be found at

Convergence by Jackson Pollock

Circles by Judd Einan

Aurora by Eric Waugh

Collage with Red Tulips II by Julieann Johnson

N - NAME... I have always loved my first name. RACHEL. I was named after my great grandma Rachel Mason. I just googled the name Rachel and here is what I have found out about it.

Rachel (Hebrew: רחל, Standard Raḥel Tiberian Rāḫēl, Rāḥēl ; also spelled Rachael, meaning "ewe", or possibly "innocence and gentility of a rose" or "lovely") is the second and favorite wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin, first mentioned in the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible. She was the daughter of Laban and the younger sister of Leah, Jacob's first wife. Jacob was her first cousin, as Jacob's mother Rebecca was Laban's sister. Curtosy of WIKIPEDIA

There is record of a tropical storm named Rachel in 1990. You can read the info here!

Famous Rachel's include.. Rachel McAdams (actress), Rachel Hunter (supermodel), Rachel Weisz (actress), Rachel Allen (irish chef), Rachel Barton Pine (violinist), Rachel Bilson (actress), Rachel Griffiths (actress), Rachel Zoe (personal stylist), and Rachel Green (character in TV show FRIENDS).

N - Nancy Drew... I loved reading her books growing up. Recently actress Emma Roberts played Nancy Drew in a movie.

Nancy Drew 2007 home page

So now I have to tag fellow friends and bloggers that spell ANN! So I tag April (from Bad Girls), Nat (famille1999), and Nat (brn2scrap)!

Well that's about it for today!



Stay funny said...

Thanks Rach!
Love you lots and hope you will be blogging more often.. I missed you last week!
S xx

RyanSquires said...

I loved that nancy drew movie :)

barb said...

What a cool post. So nice to find out interesting tidbits about you. :)
And yes, Stephanie really does rock! :D

famille1999 said...

Sorry for being a bad blogger too... Thanks for letting me know for the tag. I'll do it in my next post. :) I loved to read your answers Rach!

Anonymous said...

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