Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Cat is out of the BAG/TY Katie

I have been dying to share this for some time now... I am a Becky Fleck friend...LOL I got to do one of her absolutely gorgeous sketches for her March Newsletter. As she was travelling, her newsletter was posted a tad late... So now I can finally post the work I did for her!

Here is the sketch

Here is my LO

I must say this was hard to do.. As my style has changed, it's harder and harder for me to follow a sketch... I struggled with this and felt really under pressure. Ya know when the whole world is going to see one of your LOs, you are super critical of your own work... I had to just walk away and say... "well that is good enough" LOL

I just wanted to give a shout out to my YAYA Katie... she just did something super extraordinary... She made the most heart and love filled LO for me, that it actually made me tear up...

Here it is and her journalling is under the LO entry here!


When you first showed me this picture, I started to cry. Now it may have had something to do with being pregnant but I believe the tears were for what the picture represented. I look at this photo and I see many things. I see a soldier. I see a Mother. I see my dear friend. I see a soldier carrying and comforting a child, this could be here on Canadian soil as easily as it could be on Afghanistan soil. When I look at this picture I think of what you must face, the struggle to be both solider and mother, to serve and protect our soldiers and at the same time leave your children and family to face unknown travesties. I am filled with pride when I look at this photo, pride in knowing that my Rachel is one of the very best in her field and that one day she will be saving the lives of our troops and taking care of them with the same compassion you see here in this photo. I also know that you are a great mother to your two little girls, and they too are proud of their mother. I pray for your safety, your wholeness, your spirit, your family. I pray that God will grant us more soldiers like you.

I have tried to leave a comment several times and then hesitated to push submit cause I just couldn't get out what I wanted say!! So here it goes on my blog here.... You YAYA's are one of the most important aspects of my life... your constant encouragement, your endless support, and your pride in me keeps me going. You guys are my first set of civilian friends in a very long time, and for that you are super special. When you hang out with other military members, no one ever talk about how special it is to serve your country... we just do it. I feel so filled with honour discussing what I do for a living.. and your constant questions and love just makes me want to work harder. Thank you ladies for placing so much faith in what I do... bless you for your encouragement... you call me a proud Canadian, but you all should look in the mirror... You are as proud as I am in your own unique ways. I am not a hero in my eyes, but I am one in yours. Thank you for believing in me that much, even when I am feeling at my worst! I love you guys with all my heart always! Thank you Katie on top of this, as that LO is touching on so many different levels... and tells me just how much I mean to you!

Blog readers... please leave Katie some love here. I think she has earned it!

PHEWF... WOW how was that for mushy huh??? Are you ladies crying or thinking I am right the hell out of er...LOL

So that's enough for this entry... I am suppose to be working right now... thanks for stopping by!



barb said...

I saw Katie's LO on her blog! I love it. :)
And you... your page is beautiful. Congratulations on Page Maps! :)

Mellisa said...

Smooches and hugs to you.

Kataroo said...

First I love your LO so much, the work you put into it, all the handwork, hand cutting, its exquisite.

Secondly, you made me cry....I love you so much, I love all my yaya's so much. Thank-you for sharing your world with us, I have learned and opened my mind to so much more because of you.

pepsigirl said...

First of all, let me pick my jaw up off the floor....that layout is GORGEOUS girlie!!! Congrats!! Secondly wow, what a special friend you have, that layout is soooo touching! You are lucky to have such a support system!!

Stay funny said...

So proud of you and happy that Becky pick you to be featured during March! And as for what Katie made.... oufff what a great tribute to you! Love you lots

Jen said...

As I said on the BG forum, I love your LO. It's stunning.
Katie's LO is beautiful. The journaling brought tears to my eyes. It made me think of my own mother, and remember when she left for peace keeping missions.
If you haven't guessed already, I'm an ex military brat. Both my parents are now retired (Mom's a vet with 21 years of service under her belt and dad served 25 years).

Lisamariemlt said...

hey there
I've been bopping over to your blog for a bit
love your posts
don't really know you but I'm a fellow Canadian--this layout made me cry-what a friend you have to do such an amazing memory for you
made me think how grateful we are to have people like you who do just what they do
you are truly a hero to people you don't even know

congrats on the Becky layout-it's just beautiful
keep blogging
love your stuff
would love to be able to call you a friend

Lori said...

Huge congrats on the Page Maps LO! It's really absolutely stunning- so much detail and the colours are beautiful too.
It must be so heartwarming to have such great friends and Katie's LO is just lovely.

brn2scrp said...

Ooo, gorgeous interpretation of the BF sketch!!! Congrats!!!

And I love love love Katie's LO. She has captured something really special on that page.

C70 said...

Love what you did with that sketch! Congrats on a really beautiful page!!!

Hey, i will be 'tagging' you in a while. please check out my blog! :D


Lucy Chesna said...

O love it...the layout rocks my friend

Jen Glover said...

Beautiful! I love the LO and you did such a fabulous job with it! I love your blog! Adorable!

Tiersa McQueen said...

The page is so precious! Great job!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Your LO is just awesome! And that one by Katie is so touching. What a good friend.

Pam said...

That LO is just fabulous!