Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've Been TAGGED

Hey ya blog readers... I have had one hell of a rough week.. I have endometriosis and had a huge flair up this week during my visit from Aunt Flo... VERY PAINFUL! So I have been bed ridden and have kept pretty much to myself while I was fighting the pain. I get pretty loopy on the pain meds, so I didn't socialize by choice... I didn't want to be held responsible for anything rude I may have or not have said... LMAO Feeling better today though... will be taking it easy for the remainder of the weekend. I have a fews things to post, including some ATCs, a couple of LOs... and once completed a large mixed media canvas! I've really been experimenting lately!

So my Bad Girl Jen (PEPSIGIRL) tagged me a while ago and I never did post my answers.. so here we go! LOL

7 Random Facts about Me

1 - I love to eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches with a bowl of cream of mushroom soup... YUP nasty huh?? But I love it!!!! LOL

2 - There are only a handful of people that I consider myself close with... you know it if you are one of those people.

3 - I am a very giving person, but tend to get hurt easily when it is not reciprocated.

4 - I LOVE original flavoured Bubble Gum

5 - I am my Dh's second wife... John got married with his first wife at a very young age...and they weren't ready for marriage. I thank god everyday for that though, as I got to marry the mature John who was ready, and got a step-son out of the deal!

6 - I LOVE tequila.. and am told I am a fun drunk..LOL

7 - I love the outdoors but avoid the sun at all costs... I burn quite easy and get very sick if out for too long. I had sun stroke as a teen and lost my vision for a few hours after I had a spasm in my occipital lobe. Very scary!

So now I am going to tag..... MY YAYAs...LOL


Tomorrow I will post a few awesome things that have been going on in my and my YAYAs scrapping world.

Have a good one



Linda F. said...

AND you've been tagged again! This is a different one! Check out my blog for the scoop!


Bethany Kartchner said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! It was fun to read about you! Glad you got tagged!