Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

Good morning everyone!!! Well here I sit on my laptop, with the TV on Tipee and Binoo for my youngest, Cody sitting on the living room floor engrossed in a serious lego set, Alexa is still sleeping (I can't get over that) and John puttering around the house. And what a cup of java I am having... YUMMY!! LOL My mom is due to come over any minute, and we are having a BBQ tonight!!! The sun is shining... It's going to be a beautiful day!!!

On with my fave reads and finds.

Making Memories blog has another of their infamous leave a comment chance to win product.... Isn't that sweet?? LOL Here is the link.. the draw is on Friday! GOOD LUCK!

INNOCENT???? Not likely.. I actually feel pretty bad for Lindsay Lohan... she is in for a big world of hurt if she continues down this path!!! Here is the article today from PEOPLE MAG..

Looking for something fun and new for your kids this summer?? I just came across this..... Take any one of thousand(s) of digi pics you have, and convert it into a colouring page for your kids. THEN SCRAP IT! LOL The link to directions on how to do it is right here.

ELSIE has a new location for her blog.. check out not just her new blog but her releases from CHA summer 2007

Check out PUB CALENDER for the latest DT's, pubs and contests.

Alright that is all I can type for now... my mother is nagging my ears off to go to Michael's and spend that 40% coupon...LOL I just hope My Melly doesn't read this and give me crap for UYS challenge...LOL HHHMMMM wasn't my kits and adhesive my luxery item?? LMAO
Have a good one guys... great to be back!


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barb said...

Welcome home! Let us know what you ended up buying at M's. lol