Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Look

So I changed the look of my bog a tad?? Whatcha think? I also changed my self portrait... that is me on a Herc heading to Thule Greenland ( did I mention I flew the plane for 5 I also added some more sections on the left for different blogs and such... I will be adding more as I have the time. I also subbed to feedblitz (like I see on tons of blogs) for any of my readers to get an e-mail when I update... Just something fun to add!!! So leave me comments and tell me whacha



Anonymous said...

I think your new blog is super cool Rach!

And I LOVE your new pic, and how neat to fly the plane! hope you got pics :)

Kare Bear

Robyn~ said...

I love the look of your new blog layout! Beautiful! And the profile picture....oh so classy!

Michelle said...

Love the new look!

Stay funny said...

Love your new photo of you and the green military look(ok.... colors) look really cool and so YOU! hugs xx