Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't know about you - WILL YOU HELP?

... but the colour of my header hurts MY EYES! LOL I have been searching for a header that will someone match my new template, but have yet to find anything I may like! This is where will you help comes in! LOL

I have been purging and purging as of late, and have decided to put a lil RAK box together for the person who points me in the right direction and helps me get my header done! If I use what you have suggested then YOU WIN! THAT EASY!

Now the only problem is making sure that this gets out there .. aside from my immediate readers, who happen to be my friends that know I haven't been blogging recently! LOL

Let's see what happens! LOL


1 comment:

Kataroo said...

an artisian label style header, in the green or yellow form the blog and maybe a red outline?