Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back TO School!

Oh I have a feeling this is going to be one of my fave times of the year! BACK TO SCHOOL! LOL I must admit that after 2 whole months of my kids 24/7, I am ready for a much needed break (mind you I am heading back to school too ... so not much of a break.. but my day will be free to indulge in my own routine of household stuff, studies and gym Regardless I think you get the idea that I am excited about it all! ;)

It's so great to see the girls excited about all of this. Alexa has assured me that she will take her baby sister Angelina under her wing and make sure that she is shown all the ins, and the tricks of full time school. Angelina is starting Grade 1 and Alexa is Grade 2! Where did the time go?

So I thought I would do a "Back to School" post, to get others in the creative mood .. that and I have found some amazing Back to School printables and/or project ideas, lunch ideas, and a whole wack of other goodies out there, and really wanted to share them! So off we go! :)

Bird Crafts has some FREE images on their blog to download! Here is a peek of a few of them!

Be sure to check out the rest of their blog and store for some other themed ideas and goodies! :)

Here are some sweet little note cards at The Frog Prince Paperie for the kids lunch boxes ... truth be told they can be used anywhere though!

Amazing collection to be downloaded here at Tweedle D Designs!

I plan on keeping track of the girls homework and reading this year, and this is a great craft for them to make so that there is a place to track all of it! LOL

With all the school activities, milk, pizza, hot dog money that exchanges hands, these are a great idea to have as an "everyday carry" in your kids school bag! I know I will certainly be making these this year!

You can't go wrong with a HOMEWORK CHART which can also serve as a daily reading chart

Awesome video tutorial from Angry Chicken, for reusable sandwich, snack bags!

One thing I found last year, was Alexa got really bored of her school lunches. So I had to try and find different things that I knew she'd eat in the small amount of time she had to eat! I did some internet searching for ideas and this is what I found!


ANYTHING 100 Calorie!!!!!!!! Nuff said! LOL

KRAFT has an awesome article with some ideas here!

Companies Coming (some of my fave cookbooks come from them) has a series of kids cookbooks that have amazing school ideas!

Martha has a load of great ideas on her website, here are some that really stuck out to me!


Well my friends that is all I have for now .. will share more if i find it! Hope you enjoyed this read! :)



Kataroo said...

you are the queen of internet findings man!

Diva Loca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look.
i was so disappointed last night when i logged on and the background was all black - i missed the cute little "see dick run" people.

glad they are back...