Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh I had a blast last night! I went to see the movie DATE NIGHT with Heather last night and I giggled like a school girl! It's certainly a leave your brain out in left field .... and hunky Mark Wahlberg is HOT! So made my evening seeing him on the big screen with no shirt! SIGH!

The trailer can be seen here!

I recommend it if you are in the mood to JUST LAUGH and like I said above "leave your brain out in left field"!



Barb said...

*drool* ;) :P
I'm glad you had a fun night out. :)

Anonymous said...

were we at the same movie??!!

All I can remember is Marky Mark with no shirt (always a good time ;) ) and laughing at the outakes....I know YOU enjoyed it though, you did giggle through the whole thing!!! lol