Saturday, May 1, 2010


And no that does not stand for tits and ASS! LMAO Gutter minds you! HEEHEE

So Tattered Angels (insert happy smilie face) is celebrating National scrapbook MONTH starting today and ending 31 May! A month full of challenges and product and technique tutorials ... OH MY!

Anyways .. seeing that they are by far one of my fave companies and seem to always pop up in my work .. I thought I'd follow along and see what happens to get inspired along the way! :) I really want to learn more and push the envelope on my creativity! I am hoping to do that thru some of these challenges!

So .. off to read the first challenge and to watch some videos .. and hopefully I'll have someone join me (EEERRR Miss Heather??) LMAO

Here are some site links that you can find some info ref all of this fun!

TA Site

TA facebook page

TA Blog

Have fun .. and hopefully tomorrow I will have a project to post ... and have to chance to say CHALLENGE 1 = DONE! LOL


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