Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weekend that Never was - LO Share

So I had this awesome weekend planned and I must say.. it turned out, so not like I had wanted it too... but that is okay.. I ended up enjoying it just the same!

Before I start with my post I had some news .... I was a gallery pick in the LM Newsletter this week! My LO "MY HEAVEN" was there in the newsletter and Almost fel over when I saw it.. thought that was pretty cool! LOL

Here is the entry...

My Heaven By Doodlebug4444

This is a GORGEOUS layout! Such elegant and perfect touches were placed into this layout! And who can not forget the precious photograph!

Angelina has been pretty sick the past few days. I snapped a pic of her yesturday, and then she proceeded to give me shit cuz I was in the way of treehouse. Anyways she has a nasty cold, and is fevered up... we've been medicating her and keeping her in the tub to clear her nose etc..... Katie called me last night to check in, and as we were chatting we secretly admitted to each other, sometimes we secretly relish when our kids get sick. Angie has been the biggest cuddle bear.. SIGH.. I don't get cuddles as much as I use to. She has been having trouble sleeping at night, so we've been up at all hours, sharing some hot chocolate, and watching TV. She is my little girl, and when she is ill like that, I am so in my zone.. I feel like SUPER MOMMY! I know what to do, and I am good at it! I try not to think of the future knowing that she's gonna branch off and be independant, but it's so hard not to! LOL

Here is the pic I snapped of her!

So I missed out on friday night fun, and when I woke on Sat, John wasn't feeling well either. So I ended up missing my scrap class on Saturday! I did however, manage to scrap anyways, with my DD snuggled up next to me either sleeping or watching a movie!

Here is what I created!


So I am part of a challenge over at LM to do an altered journal and I have choosen to do mine in ATC format. Every week, we are given a prompt.. and this week the prompt was "My Personality"!


My sitter Henny takes these pics of the girls by her flower garden every year! I had a field day with all the flowers...LOL This is a 12x12!


I really DISLIKE this LO... LOL I had a pretty sweet image in my head.. and I am not too sure what happened in the process... LMAO Oh well not every piece of work can be your picasso right??? LOL This is a 12x12 aswell!


This is a 12x2 of Angie when she was a little younger! I wanted to make a black and white LO so the colour in the pic would really pop.

So that is about it for now. Today I am not too sure what I am doing. Maybe I'll scrap, but I am definantely going to be watching some more EVERWOOD! That is my latest show I am fascinated with... it's so good! LOL

Have a goood one!



Lucy Chesna said...

your layouts are always beautiful...hugs to your family..i hope everyone who is sick is better soon

Bethany Kartchner said...

Love that flower LO! And your ATC. Wonderful job!

Kataroo said...

wow wow wow ummm and more wow...super in love with the flower girl, congrats on the feature and love the are on fire!!

Barb said...

I love your projects... and that one that came out totally different than it was in your head... it happens to me ALL THE TIME. lol. If it were my LO, I'd add a white title on the bottom part, towards the right side... fill up some of that empty space and repeat the white that's in the b&w patterned paper and on your journalling block. It's such a nice pic of your family... it'd be a shame to hate the LO. :P

Stay Funny said...

WOW.... how did I miss this!
Rach your rocking!
Love the flower girl one...hiiiiii so much!
And your ATC is also great!
Good job on all created! We missed you at the class, but I'm sure to see you soon in a next one! Hugs

Tanya said...

okay..that ATC rawks!!!! All your work is stunning my about you pass some of that mojo over here;)

miss ya!