Friday, January 16, 2009

An update and some LOs to share!

I've hardly had anytime to blog this week let alone scrap. I do have a couple of LO's that I did last weekend that I never did get around to sharing!

Here they are!


I have always loved this pic of John and Angie. I got the flower from a swap I was in a while back! This is a 12x12!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO. It's a 9x9 of me and my girls taken in 2004. As you can see it's for a sketch challenge (from WF at LM) and it was also for a quote challenge. I painted the word Heaven (one of those old MM metal words) and it was the first time I had used the itty bitty letter stickers in abundance like that!

I am hoping to scrap this weekend. LM has the SF Winter Extreme Crop going on. I am home today! While I had taken it to scrap and rest up, I am on mommy and wifey patrol. Got a call form our sitter yesturday that Angie wasn't feeling well.. and she has gone down from there. I was up with her most of the night, she was really fevered, and so restless.. poor thing. Then this morning John mentions he isn't well, and well he rarely gets ill.. so once again, our home is invaded! Gee I really hate this time of year!

I had to cancel on Tanya and Mellisa for our Sexy outing tonight. SORRY GIRLS (I really wanted to do this with you guys) ... I know you'll have a a blast just the same! Be extra naughty for me okay?? LOL

I did get some awesome news though.. Looks like I'll be attending that Vicki Boutin weekend crop in Smith Falls (or is it, someone backed out and I was the first on the waiting list. I was suppose to be in Germany for this, but luck has jumped in!.. I am tres excited about it! Now to get the details so I know what I'll be doing (other than looping it up)! LMAO

Well that is it for now.. here's hoping I have some work to share by the end of the weekend!

Have a good one guys!



Diva Loca said...

holy cow do i love those los, especially the second one. wow wow wow, just gorgeous!

SO EXCITED about our Vicki weekend!!! can't wait. can't wait. can't wait.

perhaps we should warn the town now that we are on our way...they may want to bring in the troops!!!

hope everyone feels better there...

Stay Funny said...

So beautiful Rach! the second one melted my heart! So happy for the vicki w-end!

Have a great day today and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Love the close ups!

Barb said...

Glad to hear you'll be going to the big scrappy event this spring. Yay! It sounds like just your thing. :)

I'm loving all the scrapping you're getting done. Your work is beautiful, Rach.

triciapeever said...

Just arrived here through feedjit, I'm a fellow Ottawa scrapbooker, just wanted to say I love your los, especially the "my heaven" one!