Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is a special post to my YAYA Stephanie!

Thursday night I took her chipboard album class. I am going to post my album as soon as I get the journalling done.. I did get my pics on it though! LOL

Anyways, I was going out to support my YAYA as she is teaching at the bestest LSS in town. I know she'd of likely just been ok if I'd of made it without taking the class.. but I thought it was important to be there for her, and to be on a date with my mom!

That being said.. I must admit.. I WAS FLOORED!

Stephanie... you are a FABULOUS TEACHER!!!! I have taken many classes in the past where the instructor just gives you the instructions, and tells ya they'll be around if you need them. Ok I get it that everyone works at different paces but the whole point of taking a class is to be TAUGHT! LOL STEPHANIE TEACHES!

I loved the pace that you went at, it was step by step, and the instruction sheet was there for the faster scrapper. I love how you split the groups up for the painting and inking, and I love your patience as you were ambushed with so many questions. I love how you sold the products without pushing them on people, and most of all I LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY! You are a very jovial and down to earth teacher... I am so happy that you have been recognized for your full potential! The Scrapbox is very lucky to have you!

I have always been your number uno fan.. you know that girl. But truth be told I only took the class to support you. Well now I am taking your passport tag album class because I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR TEACHING!

See you on the 25th... mom and I are both really looking forward to it!!!!!




Stay funny said...

Thank you so much Rach!
wow I'm really touched~!
I'm really happy that you had a good time at the class and that your coming back to another one with your Mom, that's really fantastic news!
I love you so much and thanks again for this wonderful post... I really needed it yesterday.

barb said...

Hey, I'm so glad to hear you had a GREAT time in Steph's class. I'm really, really looking forward to taking one with Marlene in a week or so. YAY!

Kataroo said...

wow wow wow I am soooo wanting to take a class even more now...way to go Steph :)

Ki said...

Can't wait to see it!