Friday, September 14, 2007

WAHOO - Past first round!

So I have something new... I decided to join the "TOP DESIGNER" contest over at BAD GIRLS totally just for the challenges (I was doing them whether or not I got thru)... well I have made it past the first round.... WAHOOOOO!! Very unexpected as the talent in that gallery knocked my socks off!!! LOL The challenge was "Colour Theory", ways to use colour to express an emotion/mood etc. Well this was the LO I submitted!!!

YES, that is my YAYA Steph, and one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met. This picture of her is so gorgeous and classy. I went for the elegant feel here and I think that I accomplished it...LOL

So us YAYAs (my bestest friends... KATIE, MELLISA, STEPHANIE and TANYA) have decided to do a monthly swap of photos to add to our YAYA albums. This month was Steph's and she is the proud owner of 4 very different, very beautiful lo's. I have given my pics already and the other gals are giving out theirs soon, I can't wait for our future reveals.... LOL

Anyways... just shouting out... this week's challenge is to use texture on your lo... have me some ideas.. the wheels are a spinnin...!!!



Michelle said...

Holy wow, rachel, this is gorgeous! Congratulations!

barb said...

Congrats on making it past round one! Good luck in the next round! :)
And yes, that's a gorgeous LO... and that Stephanie... she's one heck of a pretty gal. What a cool idea, to have everyone scrap the same photo! You gals are all so talented.

Ijsbeer said...

Congrats! The LO is very cool. Hope you make it past next round too:)

Angela Prieto said...

Whoohoo!! Congrats on making the 1st round Rach! And good luck on the whole contest!!!

Stay funny said...

Ohhhhhhh thanks Rachel of posting the LO! Now able to put it on my blog! Love you lost.... and good luck with the contest!
FYI... your LO is done!!!! And love it.... can't wait to give it to you!