Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Findings

I have been anxious to do this post seeing as I missed it last weekend... LOL May be a tad long today.... but I am sure you can handle it!! Enjoy the read!

Before I really get going on my "treasure hunt" I just wanted to post a couple pics of my girls as of late. They are getting so big and I am such a proud mama... I can't wait to scrap these..LOL

Too cute!!!!!!!!!

Check out this wall hanging over at Desert Bloom Blog... gorgeous! Here is the link

Erica from Sketch it has posted a few awesome single photo sketches... she is an amazing sketch artist... check em out here

Have you seen the new Scenic Route Halloween line coming out?? It's called Salem and I am all over this...LOL Here is a sneek peek..

Found his cute cartoon recipie

Pencil Line has another FABO sketch posted....Sketch #49... they get better and better!!!

KI Memories has another awesome challenge posted on their blog.. find it here

I can't rememeber if I posted the latest sketch from Gettin Well if I have so be it, here is a reminder... if not... here is the sketch...LOL

HEEHEE - I am always a sucker for a cute medical joke...LOL
Kidneys and Livers
"Two old men were arguing the merits of their doctors. The first one said, "I don't trust your fancy doctor. He treated old Jake Waxman for a kidney ailment for nearly a year, and then Jake died of a liver ailment." "So what makes you think your doctor is any better?" asked his friend. "Because when my doctor treats you for a kidney ailment, you can be sure you'll die of a kidney ailment." " curtosy of Arcamax

Came across this blog called ARTISTIC AVENGER.. and she has a an awesome PP gift bow posted and directions on how to make it... SO IMPRESSED.. find it here!

Great craft site... especially for the blog lovers ALL FREE CRAFTS BLOG

Looking for some great Xmas ideas and have the time to create something for your loved ones... check this link out... it's worth it I promise!!! LOL

I adore this idea of this blog... and just may give it a whirl myself!!! LOL

What Kind of Desert are you most like?
This is mine.......

You Are a Brownie

Decadent and intense, you aren't for the weakhearted.
Those who can deal with your strong flavor find out how sweet you really are.

LAST MINUTE CALL... for Everyday digital Scrapbooking.. check this out here

Love this challenge from Cardvaarks... here is the link

Instant human...just add coffee! Unknown

Well blog readers that is just about enough of my browsing for now...LOL Not as long as I thought it'd be but I also have me things to do today!!! So hope you enjoy!!




Rhiannon said...

Thanks Rachel :) I appreciate the linkage!! Have a great week :)

Maria said...

Hi Rachel,

Wow, your daughters are beautiful. Such lovely pictures.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm adding your blog site to my blog roll that I'm currently creating. I really apprecate your coming over to visit my blog site and leaving a comment. Thank you also for the link of my blog site to your blog roll. It's so cool!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


Robyn~ said...

Beautiful girls! One must have your eyes and the other your hubby's....they are just lovely. Love your "misc" posts!

Mellisa said...

Thanks for the Sketchy sketch. I used it for my SuperStar layout with a slight rotation. lol

Michelle said...

Well, I'm all about the Halloween!