Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mom and Dad's Xmas Gift!

YUP ... FOR REAL .. 2 DAYS IN A ROW!  BAHAHAHA  Katie  are ya still with me .. did you fall off your chair?  LOL

So now that I have a new point and shoot, I feel much better about posting my work!  The crap thing I had before was wayyyyyyyyyyy too much work!  This camera is much more sensitive though so the slightest shake can distort the pic!  So I am having to readjust and realize I don't need to really push hard to take a pic .. bit of a learning curve!

I made my mom and dad some picture frames for Xmas.  They have tons of pics of their grandbabies but never have displayed any pics of themselves.  With all the travelling they have done .. I thought some great framed pics  over their new decor family room fireplace, would be amazing!

Here they are!

So these are the basic wooden framed that are for sale at Michaels ($1.50 I think).  I had mixed three different kinds of paints to mimic the stain colours on my parents fireplace, and the patterned papers were picked to match the rich mocha/pink/brown hues that they has chosen.  Actually I had a stack of PP and my John picked the ones that he liked .. I think he did a great job!  The rest is Prima flowers, embellishments, beads etc ....  I was so happy with how they turned out .. and my parents faces (especially my mama) was SO WORTH IT!  She was like a little kid in a candy store! 

I was thinking of submitting them to Prima .. whacha think .. should I????  LOL  Regardless felt great to create once again .. and I look forward to much more creating in the future .. (also cuz my TOJO will kick my ass if I don't

Thanks for looking! :)



Barb said...

They look great, Rach! Good for you for making these... my handmade gift giving was, ummmm, non-existent this year. Well, the gift album is almost done, but I didn't tackle anything else. lol

Kataroo said...

These are STUNNING! What an amazing gift :)

Dorrie said...

wow.. they are gorgeous rach!!!!!! i bet your parents were thrilled!!!