Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alexa's 7th Birthday - Princess Slumber Party

OMG what a blast! I was dreading the screeching and the shrieking, but found (actually John felt the same way) that it was so much fun ... and it was such a thrill to see the gorgeous grin on my birthday girls face! Several times throughout the party we'd hear the girls yell "This is the bestest party I have ever been to!" .. or "I am having the best time of my life!"

So Saturday morning Alexa and I headed off to Goobers for a Mommy and Me Princess Spa Day. Alexa got her nails painted and had little gems adhered. We both got our toenails painted a sparkley blue, she had her hair done, light make-up on, and sparkles all over to finish it off. I bought her a nice white dress, and she had a tiara placed on her head! She was grinning ear to ear ... too precious! I wish I had photos of this but I realized once I got there that my camera was missing a camera card .. DUMB ASS MOMMY! LOL

I took her to Rockin Johnny's for lunch and then to pick up some last minute items.

When we got home, Daddy and Ang had already decorated the place with streamers and balloons and we finished decorating the Barbie dress Cake!

The girls arrived dressed up as Princesses, and the party began. They played games, made bracelets, made pizzas, did present opening, loot bags and candle blowing out! LOL They then got in their jammies, watched movies while getting comfy on the queen size blow up mattress and eventually falling asleep. SIGH!

Morning came and John whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes with bacon, and the girls trickled out by 11am! All of us needed a nap at that point .. and rested for a good couple of hours. Then off the granny's and papa's for her family celebration .. oh and super bowl party! LOL

We stayed at my parents for a couple of days and told the world to go take a hike! It was refreshing!

So busy busy weekend ... but a blast .. here are some pics!




Barb said...

OH, how fun! What wonderful photos and a beautiful cake! Happy birthday to your baby girl! How did she manage to grow up so fast?!

Jenn Langlois said...

May need to hire you for doing princess parties in the future!!!