Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lots of scrappy goodnes out there!

Well i have been enjoying catching up on some reading in the blog/scrap/art world.

Wilna's He(art) class has started and it swimming in lots of He(arts) indeed. Gosh that woman is ubber talented!

Also am part of the A Year in Colour blog that Miss Kari (aka Artsy Mama) is hosting. A whole year of beautiful colour... Not too late to pay and join.. so worth it scrappers!

Also... just paid for the e-zine of one of my fave artists Teresa McFaden (My Minutia called Love Letters.

I'm working on Winterfest over at Lifetime Moments too.

Can't forget the terrific Bad Girl Project 52 blog too.

I am not realistically thinking I will be doing it all, so I did the smart yet nerdy thing and created documents so that i can record it all for future projects and inspirations...

Consider all of the above therapy and a chance to meet new online friends! WINK!


Glitter Text Generator

Glitter Text Generator

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Mellisa said...

You always have the greatest links. Especially since I never take the time to look for this stuff. Dont have to ... I have your blog! lol