Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to the world Kasey Patricia Squires/Odds n' Ends

Hey Hey Hey..... So my sitter has been crazy ill this week, and John had to stay home with the monkeys. Today is my turn.. so I am going to attempt to get them to clean their rooms, and their toys downstairs... Funny how they loose time when they are in the midst of this task. Half the time their rooms get messier! LMAO

On an awesome note, we have a new addition to our YAYA family! My YAYA Katie, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 15 Apr 08, and they named her Kasey Patricia. I have yet to see the littlest Squire member, but I know that Katie is home, resting and I am sure a tad sleep deprived. So a huge congrats to Katie, Ryan and Kayleigh, on their new addition. I love you all, rest well and can't wait to meet Kasey!

So I haven't done much scrapping this past week. I have a mini album that I really need to get pics of and posted. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I am now anxiously awaiting my Apr 08 Bad Girl Kit, and I really hope it's in today so I can scrap with it this weekend! LOL In the meantime I have some crazy scrap spring cleaning to do... crazy how much stuff I have!

John will be home soon so I am going to get caught up on a few of my friends blogs... and then gonna get me some family time in place! Hope you enjoy the read!

So my YAYA Steph posted her amazing BON JOVI LO recently. Her and Tanya went to the concert together and it sounds like they had an absolute blast! Check it out on Steph's blog here

So one of the DT members over at Bad Girls is one of my absolute fave scrappers (yes I have many, but she sticks out) Her name is Ania! She recently posted this LO on her blog and my jaw dropped... so amazing! If you're english, scroll down after the LO pics, cause she's got some kind of spy talk in her first paragraph...LMAO Luvs Ya Girl!


So my fellow BG Jen, had a great post today. It was a compliment that she got from her hubby and about how she received it. I thought it was insightful!!! I so saw myself in her words!!! Go leave her some love if you want to comment on this too! Here is her post! Thanks for the awesome read Jen!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MISS JENI (AKA PEPSIGIRL) ... she has just become the latest DT member at my fave site BG. This girl is super talented and is as sweet as can be! Congrats sweetie... you rawk and I couldn't be prouder of you! Check out her blog here.... Here are a few of her creations too so you know I am not being over the top...LOL This is nasty/naughty talent.!! LOL

Well that is about all the time that I have right now! Johnny T just got home with a couple of T-Bones and some fresh veggies for our first 2008 BBQ... YUMMILICIOUS! Then we havea couple of flicks to get caught up... I am sure some wine will be ingested, and then who know's what after that.... WINK!

Have a great one readers!



Stay funny said...

Thanks for for comming last night, it really ment alot to me. Hope you enjoyed your stop @ Chapters after! Enjoy your w-end and hope you will have some time to scrap!
Big hugs
St├ęphanie xxx

brn2scrp said...

Hey, have fun doing ... whatever you're doing right about now! Lol. Hope you had a great day!

pepsigirl said...

*blush* *blush* Thanks for all your sweet props Girlie!!! Wow *blush* You are an amazing friend. Luvs ya lOtS Rach!!! oxoxoxo

Kataroo said...

the bad girl talent blows me away man :)

barb said...

Ooooooh, very cool! I love her style. Actually Rach, it reminds me a LOT of YOURS.

Anyway, I can see why you were drawn to this new scrapping home of yours. I miss seeing you around the boards, but I'm not really posting much of anything anywhere these days... mostly reading and posting on my blog.

xo Barb

Anonymous said...

Well its about time you updated your blog babycakes!

Nice work by that scrappin' girl, and like Barb I can see why you like her so much.

Miss you

Luv Kare Bear

ania said...

Aww Rachel I dunno what to*hugs* :D

Ps..I kinda picture you as a "happy colors" kind of person...don't ask me what these are, cause they're like, whatever colors makes me happy for the time being ;p

C70 said...

Love Ania's and Jeni's work too! gorgeous, to be sure!