Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pistols, Rifles and Gas OH MY!!!

Hey guys... I had an awesome but very exhausting past three days. I have been in Connaught Ranges doing my annual warrior training. I always love doing this training as it brings back my Petawawa days...LOL I get to play army and love every minute of it!

So Monday we did the C7 rifle ranges. We fire from the 100m in the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions. My right shoulder is still pretty sore from the rifle safety and cautionary drills we went thru. The recoil off the weapon when being fired isn't too bad but after shooting over 75 rounds (which isn't all that much)your shoulder gets sore from absorbing the shock. I love the smell of carbon after the weapon has been fired... I still have black under my fingernails from cleaning it.. LOL

Tuesday we did the 9mm pistol. This weapon has quite the kickback on it and although it is small, it is hard to fire. My favourite part was the snap shooting. We did increments of three bullets in a 2-3 second span. Two to the body of our paper figure and one to the head. So empowering...LOL I was teased that all my body shoots were right on the crotch of my paper man target...LOL My head shoots were dead on too! Guess hubby best not piss me off me thinks... LMAO

Today we did Gas Hut training. This just plain ole sucks. We get into our chemical suits, filtered mask (sucks breathing in that thing) boots and two layers of gloves. We have special drills we have to go thru to decontaminate, and we do them in a hut that has been polluted with CS Gas (think harsh pepper spray)... The smallest leak and natural sweating make this gas super irritating. They make us hold our breaths and take our masks of to decontaminate all exposed areas. We had to do this 3 times. My skin felt like it was burning after I got out of the hut. I can only imagine what it'd be like in there if we didn't have protective gear.. EEEEEKKKKK.. The good thing is that if you were the least bit stuffed up, when you finished going thru the hut, you were clear..LOL The gas makes you snot from here to heaven.. GROSS!!!!!!

So a very adventurous few days..... Tomorrow it's back to the office... SIGH



Robyn~ said...

I just can't think of one thing to top goodness, you're good stuff!

Kataroo said...

freak'n so cool, I love what you do baby!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh...I love my weekends spent at connaught!!! I miss firing rifles has been way too long since I did it..I am sooo jealous of you!